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The egg market of Bangladesh is confined to small massage

The egg market of Bangladesh is confined to small massage

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Now the egg market in Bangladesh is being controlled through SMS. Farmers complain that the price of eggs will increase if this cycle is not stopped. The Director General of Consumer Rights said that action would be taken against the syndicate. H. M. Safikuzzaman. On Tuesday (July 2, 2024), he said this at a discussion meeting on the egg market at the Consumer Directorate.

Unstable egg market for a month without logical reason. The price of eggs increased to Tk 180 per dozen. Under the initiative of the Consumer Protection Directorate, eggs are being sold at Tk 140-150 per dozen.

Consumer rights organized an exchange of views with business representatives on the egg market on Tuesday. Businessmen claim that the share of corporates in the market is less, so they have no opportunity to syndicate.

However, the farmers claim that the corporate organizations control the egg market through SMS. The consumer department claims that those who are destabilizing the egg market through SMS have been identified.

Director General of National Consumer Rights Protection Directorate. H. M. Safikuzzaman said, "Those who are controlling the egg market through SMS have been identified. What they are doing sitting here is a criminal offense. I am sending a message, I will dismantle this thing, and if necessary I will close their institutions. The business that is going on through their words or SMS will not work.

Although it is mandatory to pull the price list in wholesale and retail, no one insists. Apart from this, the consumer department has warned of taking action if the traders do not keep the ripe vouchers.

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