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Story: Compared to last year, the prices of all kinds of spices were higher this Eid

Compared to last year, the prices of all kinds of spices were higher this Eid

Eid-ul-Azha passed a few days ago, Eid-ul-Azha means the Eid of Sacrifice. Eid al-Adha means sacrifice and feasting with satisfaction, with more fun and interesting food. And for the taste of all the interesting dishes there is masala. But on the occasion of Eid, the price of almost all kinds of spices was increased.

It has been seen in some markets of the capital that the prices of almost all types of spices are higher than last year during Eid. The price has also increased in the last few days. Domestic onion prices have reached a century. Also, the market for everyday products like ginger and garlic is also hot.

According to the buyers, the prices of different types of spices have increased by 5 to 87 percent compared to the last Eid al-Adha. The price of cardamom has increased the most. The price of masala is almost double compared to last year. According to standards, cardamom was sold at Tk 3,600 to Tk 4,200 per kg. Last year, the rate was 1,600 to 2,400 taka.

Cumin seeds are sold at Rs 800-900 per kg. Last year, before Eid al-Adha, cumin was bought for Tk 750 to Tk 800. The price of cloves per kg is 1 thousand 700 to 1 thousand 900 taka. Which was like one and a half thousand rupees last year.

Last year cinnamon was Tk 400 to 500 per kg. 550 to 620 taka per kg this year. The price of bay leaves has almost doubled. Bay leaves are being sold at Tk 200 to Tk 300 per kg. At the same time last year, the rate was 120 to 150 taka.

Apart from this, turmeric powder was sold at Tk 500-600, black cumin at Tk 350-400, ginger at Tk 240-260, green chilli at Tk 150-160, and onion at Tk 80-100 per kg, and still is.

Spice buyers say that the demand for spices during Qorbani is more than at any other time. Capitalizing on that demand, traders in every market have increased the prices of the spice products.

Small vendors say we are forced to sell at higher prices as the moneylenders increase the price of spices. So it has an impact on the market. The price of cardamom has increased the most.

However, despite the increase in prices, the prices of most spices are lower this year compared to last year, Bangladesh Wholesale Garam Masala Traders Association claims. According to them, most cardamom comes from India. Due to the heat this year, the production has decreased. Moreover, the dollar is more expensive. Due to these reasons, the price has increased. Retail traders sell masala at Tk 20, 50, 100, so they are charging a bit more.

According to the Directorate of Consumer Affairs, the price of spices has been increased. Traders cited factors such as rising international market prices and rising transport costs, the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war, the dollar problem, etc., for the rise in prices. But the campaign will continue. Unscrupulous traders involved in unreasonable price hikes will be brought under the law. We want consumers to be spared from unreasonable price hikes. -Editor


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