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Tropical Food Innovation Lab aims to accelerate innovation for food in Latin America

Tropical Food Innovation Lab aims to accelerate innovation for food in Latin America

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Resulting from a pioneering public-private partnership in Brazil, this ecosystem, based at the Institute of Food Technology in Campinas (SP), represents a fresh push toward the development of food and beverages with a focus on technology, sustainability, and accessible and safe nutrition

Sao Paulo, October 18TH, 2023 - The Tropical Food Innovation Lab, an innovation ecosystem for the development of sustainable food and beverages with a focus on promoting Brazilian biodiversity, has just opened in Campinas (SP). Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, the innovation center is located in a 1,300 square meter area within the Institute of Food Technology (Ital) and is the result of a pioneering public-private partnership in Brazil. The project was developed by major companies such as Switzerland's Bhuler and Givaudan and the US's Cargill, as well as the FoodTech Hub Latam and Ital.

Tropical Food Innovation Lab will be the go-to place in Latin America where business and science connect to formulate new foods, ingredients, textures, and flavors to delight the consumer. This new hub will connect research institutes, universities, companies, investors, and startups, and will promote food innovation aligning with good practices for preserving biodiversity and sustainability, and the development of food that also prioritizes accessible nutrition.

The hub's infrastructure includes small-scale processing lines in the pilot plant, equipped with state-of-the-art wet and dry extrusion systems for plant-based proteins, application, and analysis laboratories, and a cutting-edge experimental and demonstration kitchen where companies, food engineers, nutritionists, chefs, mixologists, and other professionals will be able to collaborate to create new products. In the interaction areas, there is a coworking space for creative workshops and pitching. In the second phase, a beverage processing unit will add complementary resources to Ital's existing facilities.  

With more than 20% of the planet's plant biodiversity, spread across six major biomes, and a food industry that historically accounts for 10% of GDP, Brazil is among the largest global producers and exporters of grains and protein. This innovation ecosystem, not by chance located in Campinas, a reference city for technology in Brazil, brings together the intellectual, technological, scientific, and creative power to establish the best connections and solutions for the food chain. It also contributes to Brazil's prominence, which is already a global exponent," emphasizes Paulo Silveira, the visionary and manager behind Tropical, as well as the founder and CEO of FoodTech Hub Latam.

"The Tropical Food Innovation Lab is the materialization of Ital's vision that the future is built by combining competencies and infrastructure and applying knowledge to generate innovation and promote entrepreneurship in the field of food science and technology," says Eloisa Garcia, Ital's General Director.

"We are honored to be part of this innovation ecosystem that meets the growing demand for the development of new products for the food and beverage industry. We bring our expertise in processes, our cutting-edge technology, and our innovation DNA, always striving for efficient and sustainable solutions that bring value and results to our customers, partners, and society," says Damien Chapelier, Head of Bhuler South America.

Carlos Prax, LATAM Technology and Innovation Leader at Cargill states that the Tropical Food Innovation Lab is totally connected to Cargill's purpose of nourishing the world. "Innovation is one of the keys to achieving this, especially with the growing population and challenges ranging from climate change to new consumption profiles. We are very honored to lead this project alongside such relevant partners for food production not only in Latin America but also in the world," he emphasizes.

Eduard Fontcuberta, Regional Head of Innovation for Latin America at Givaudan, says: "Givaudan has been intensifying its investments in innovation in a collaborative way, which is why we are thrilled to announce the opening of the Tropical Food Innovation Lab. Alongside our partners, we are committed to driving the development of the food industry and promoting solutions for global food safety and sustainability challenges. We will strengthen food innovation in Latin America, with proposals that will delight people's palates while also delivering nutritious and delicious food experiences."

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