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The first set of speakers at the Agro&Food Security Forum

The first set of speakers at the Agro&Food Security Forum

The first speakers of the Agro&Food Security Forum 2023 have been announced! 

The elite of the agricultural and food industry from across the globe will gather on October 10-11 for the Agro&Food Security Forum in Warsaw to tackle the challenges facing the industry.

The forum will start with a trip to the ports of Gdynia and Gdansk, followed by networking in the relaxed atmosphere of the Baltic heartland.

The second day of the forum will feature four panel discussions on hot topics in the production and processing of grains, oils, and pulses, as well as trading and logistics. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions to the most experienced professionals. 

We are pleased to introduce the first speakers of the Agro&Food Security Forum:

Gozde Nur Karagoz – Trader, Ulusoy Un A.S., Turkey

Vijay Iyengar – Chairman & Managing Director, Agrocorp International, Singapore

Hussein Arslan - Chairman, AGT Foods Ingredients, Canada

Cem Bogushoglu – Head of Trading Department, Delta Energy SA, Switzerland

Onur Vatan – Commercial Director, EU-NOMIA, Bulgaria

Farkhod Rakhmatullaev – CEO of Sofia Agro, Uzbekistan

Alexander Bobillov – Commodity and Business Development, Euronext, France

Volodymyr Bozhok – Director, Grainfor Trade LTD, Malta

Irina Moroz – Partner, Lawyer, A.G.A Partners, Ukraine

Bogdan Kostetsky - Operations Partner, Barva Invest, Ukraine

Janusz Pehochinski - President of the Polish-Asian Chamber of Commerce, Poland

Agro&Food Security Forum features: 

• A new platform for global dialogue.

• 300+ participants from 20+ participating countries.

• Exclusive market analysis and forecasts.

• 35+ speakers from different corners of the world.

• 8+ hours of networking.

• A working visit to the ports of Gdansk and Gdynia and the Baltic Hub terminals on October 10. 

Ukraine Pulses Association, Polish–Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce


Source: Email/GFMM

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