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Rice Deep Processing Section: Rice Grading, Brown Color Selection, Packaging, Dust Removal

Rice Deep Processing Section: Rice Grading, Brown Color Selection, Packaging, Dust Removal

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1. White rice finishing section:

The section is generally composed of a white rice grading screen, length grading machine, and color sorting machine, and some manufacturers have rice parts, The process is more flexible, therefore, the operation requirements are also high, and the processing line must be changed in time according to the production needs.

(1) When the white rice grading screen is started, pay attention to observe whether there is an abnormal sound, and adjust the nut on the corresponding wire rope hanging mechanism according to the specific situation to solve it; According to the need to select the corresponding speed and the position of the heavy block to obtain a better screening effect, and to clean or change the screen surface in time; According to the needs of production and processing, select the appropriate opening position of the discharge movable door.

(2) The operation of the length classifier is relatively simple, and the corresponding drum is selected according to the varieties of raw grains processed, and the appropriate drum inclination Angle is adjusted to obtain a better selection effect.

(3) The scientific and technological content of the color sorting machine is high, and it should be carefully operated according to the specific situation of the raw grain (referring to the content of colored grains and belly white grains in the raw grain) and the color sorting requirements to select the corresponding equipment technical parameters for operation, in order to achieve the best color sorting effect.

2. Packing and sealing conveyor section:

The section is mainly composed of magnetic separators, finished belt conveyors, measuring scales, and sealing packaging conveying equipment. Because rice varieties change more frequently, it is necessary to pack them promptly. According to the specific packaging requirements, adjust the working parameters on the measuring scale, and select the corresponding packaging bag.

3. Ventilation and dust removal air net:

Ventilation dust removal is a very important link for rice processing and plays a very important role in the health environment and by-product treatment of the entire workshop. The following aspects are mainly paid attention to in its operation:

(1) Turning on and off sequence: a. Turn on the blower first, and then start the fan; b. When shutting down, turn off the fan first, and then turn off the blower after 3-5 minutes.

(2) Air volume regulation: According to the needs of the respective air suction equipment, adjust the air volume regulator (that is, butterfly valve) on the air network to meet the needs of the production process.

(3) The ash out of the air net should be cleaned and packed in time, see the above sections for details.


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