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New ventilation system for hopper silos

New ventilation system for hopper silos

Silos Spain has developed a new reinforced ventilation system for hopper silos, which is compatible with 45º and 60º cones.

Temperature is one of the factors that most influence the conservation of grain, so any improvement in the ventilation system will help us ensure a long period of storage in optimum conditions.

The updated ventilation system has been developed to replace the previous ventilation systems and offers the following improvements:

Reinforced interior

Internal structure to reinforce the ventilation channel.

Upper dome

Upper dome to prevent the accumulation of material.

Self-cleaning interior

The lower zone is open to avoid the accumulation of product inside the duct.

The updated ventilation system for hopper silos is now available in the following lengths: 1750 mm and 2000 mm

-By Silos Spain

Source: Email/GFMM

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