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Mango export is less than half this time, what is the reason?

Mango export is less than half this time, what is the reason?

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An exporter called Global Trade Link exported 60 tonnes of mangoes to six countries last year. Of this, last year at this time (the first week of July), the company had exported 30 tonnes, i.e. half of the mangoes. But this time, about 15 tons have been exported, said Razia Sultana, head of the company.

Not only Razia's company, but almost all the exporters are in a sad state of mango export. According to sources in the Plant Disease Wing of the Department of Agriculture, even after the mid-season, mango exports have so far been less than half of last year.

According to exporters and government sources, exports have fallen sharply due to a shortage of space in aircraft and an abnormal increase in fares. Outside buyers do not want to buy mangoes at such a high price. In terms of mango exports, the price of mangoes in Bangladesh is much higher than rivals India and Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the government has reduced the incentive on agricultural products from 15 percent to 10 percent. Exporters believe that this will increase the suffering.

According to Plant Protection Wing sources, 3092 tonnes of mangoes were exported from 38 countries of the world last year, which is an all-time high and 73 percent more than the previous year. Till July last year, 2123 tonnes of mangoes were exported.

Mofizul Islam, Deputy Director (Export) of the Plant Protection Wing said last Saturday (July 6, 2024), 677.6 tons of mangoes have been exported so far. This is less than half of last year's time. For the rest of this year, it seems unlikely to approach last year's exports.

According to the sources of Global Trade Link, this time the company has sent Himsagar, Amrapali, Langra and Handibhanga mangoes to the UK, Germany, and Switzerland. But last year apart from these three countries mangoes were sent to Portugal, Denmark, and Italy. Last year the cost per kg was Tk 220, this time it was Tk 520.

Razia Sultana, head of the company, said, "We have to pay seven dollars per kg of mangoes in the fare of the plane." Buyers are getting Indian mangoes for five and a half dollars. So why would buyers be interested in buying our mangoes?'

Mango prices in Bangladesh are always slightly higher than those in India or Pakistan. Still, foreign buyers want to buy Bangladeshi mangoes for the taste. But the price this time has broken all previous records, said Rezaul Islam, chief executive of Sundre Appetite, a fruit exporting company. He said, 'Buyers are very angry, it is normal. Because, last year it cost 200 to 280 taka to send mango, this time I gave it for 450 to 508 taka. I bought jackfruit for 30 taka and had to pay 508 taka for rent.

Along with the cost of the aircraft, getting space to ship mangoes has become a major concern for the exporters. An exporter on condition of anonymity told Prothom Alo that they have to hold their hands to get a seat on the plane.

Last year also, exporters used to send mangoes through Bangladesh Biman, Qatar, and Etihad Airways. Etihad flights have been suspended since October last year. This has reduced the scope of exports. According to them, perishable export goods are being neglected in favor of ready-made garments.

Exporters feel that foreign companies flying in Bangladesh should be given a condition to keep separate areas for perishable products. It should be done by the government.

Mango exporters are associated with the Bangladesh Fruits, Vegetables and Allied Products Exporters Association. Adviser of the organization. Manjurul Islam was telling Prothom Alo that the government can impose the condition of allocating specific space for perishable export products to foreign aircraft. If this was done there would be some kind of obligation to take these products.

Along with these benefits of aircraft, exporters want additional incentives. But Bangladesh Bank has fixed new incentive rates for 43 export products for the current financial year 2024-25. Among them are agricultural products including fruits. The new rate of incentive is set at 10 percent, up from 15 percent last February.

Mohammad Arifur Rahman, director of the exportable mango production project of the Department of Agriculture, believes that reducing incentives will have a negative impact on mango exports. He told Prothom Alo, "We are planning to send mangoes by ship as the fare of the aircraft is sky high. The first shipment will go to the Netherlands. If this is effective then the ship will be chosen in the future.'

Source: Online/GFMM

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