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Investments for an enhanced sustainable manufacturing 4.0

Investments for an enhanced sustainable manufacturing 4.0

Our Investments towards a more sustainable 4.0 production system.

Symaga is strongly committed to the preservation of its natural environment. Therefore, we have increased the overall capacity of our solar plant from 200kW to 800kW this year. Currently, 70 percent of all our manufacturing operations are being driven by our own generated green energy resources. Our medium-term goal is to shift our entire production to our green supplies. Our path to becoming more efficient, sustainable, and competitive.

The most recent investment in our manufacturing site has strengthened our production process of the silo roof sectors, resulting in a 30% increase in productivity within the cutting and bending section. Symaga has acquired two new flattening-cutting and bending lines equipped with stiffening rollers to improve both the flattening and structural quality of our roof sectors. In order to absorb the increase in our cutting operations, a new robot cell for bending and packing roof sectors has been implemented.

This action is part of our Annual Investment Plan, which underlines our commitment to maintaining production and operational excellence while promoting environmental and occupational safety standards. These plans seek to improve our production capacity, a cornerstone of Symaga’s success, ensuring state-of-the-art production supported by a team of 150 professionals capable of handling projects from layout to after-sales.


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