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FREE Training Next Week

FREE Training Next Week

Join Us Wednesday, May 15

EHS Pro? Plant Manager? This Webinar is a Can't Miss! 

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Matt Williamson from ADF Engineering will provide an in-depth analysis of significant updates in combustible dust safety standards, focusing on the transition from NFPA 652 to NFPA 660.  

The webinar will highlight the evolution of combustible dust regulations, underscoring the critical need for uniform safety protocols across various sectors to mitigate risks associated with combustible dust hazards. 

The session introduces the Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) as a cornerstone of NFPA 652, elaborating on its role in identifying and managing combustible dust risks. In addition, it discusses the persistent challenge of combustible dust explosions and the influence of regulatory oversight on enhancing industry adherence to safety standards. 

This presentation concludes by discussing the introduction of NFPA 660, which promises more stringent safety requirements and wider-reaching implications for industry practices. This shift is designed to consolidate and streamline safety standards, improving general process safety and making it easier for states to adopt these codes. 

The ultimate goal is to transform the approach businesses take towards ensuring safer handling of combustible dust, thereby reducing the likelihood of dust-related incidents and promoting a culture of safety. 

This webinar will be educational for all but geared toward plant engineers, plant managers, project managers, and EHS professionals. 

This webinar is brought to us by ADF Engineering

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