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Eat More Rice To Be Healthier

Eat More Rice To Be Healthier

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Rice is a finished product made from cleaning, hulling, rice milling, and finishing.

The cleaning equipment is to remove all kinds of impurities mixed into the rice, which makes it possible to improve the quality of the finished rice. At the same time, the equipment uses magnets to remove iron nails and iron filings in the rice so that it can ensure production safety. The hulling process is to use a rubber roller hulling machine or emery hulling machine to remove the hulls of the rice and separate the hulls from the brown rice.

Chinese medicine believes that rice is sweet and flat, and has the effects of invigorating the spleen, nourishing the stomach, nourishing the essence and strengthening the vitality, harmonizing the five internal organs, clearing the blood vessels, improving eyesight, relieving irritability, quenching thirst, and relieving diarrhea. China's main food crops account for about one-fourth of the cultivated area of food crops. Rice is the staple food for half of the world's population.

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