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Celebrating our completion of 15.000 projects: Symaga

Celebrating our completion of 15.000 projects: Symaga

During last year we hit the number of 15.000 completed projects. Up to the present time we have been involved in installations all across the four continents, from North America to Southeast Asia as far as the Antipodes. With our Silos, we have managed to fulfill the needs for storage in more than 150 countries.

Over almost 40 years we have designed and executed projects in all possible sizes and complexities for most different sectors, some as demanding as the storage of Japonica rice, and others as remarkable as the food security projects in Turkmenistan, Egypt, or Bangladesh. To commemorate our milestone we have produced a new video displaying Symaga´s main references in the most different geographical areas. We strive for further growth in the storage sector. 

Thank you to all our customers for relying on Symaga and to our team for their dedication!

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