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Bastak Academy: Food is Our Future, Shaping with Knowledge, Building with Innovation!

Bastak Academy: Food is Our Future, Shaping with Knowledge, Building with Innovation!

Bastak Instruments, founded by Zeki Demirtaşoğlu in 1999, has established its leadership in the industry over a quarter-century of experience with quality control devices for food, flour, grain, seed, oilseed, legume, and feed. With the world's first patented robotic sampling systems and expertise in 35 different flour additive categories, it has played a pivotal role in innovation and setting standards for quality in the future. As a source for ISO, and ICC standards, and the firm with the highest number of quality control devices listed in the ICC handbook, Bastak Instruments continuously explores new avenues to ensure food safety, quality, and sustainability.

Bastak Academy serves as an inspiring platform bridging universities and industries to shape future engineers and industry leaders. Under this umbrella, critical issues such as food safety and quality are addressed, fostering a robust network among current and future industry experts. Events like symposiums, conferences, and technical trips facilitate the convergence of academic knowledge with practical applications, empowering students and professionals to pioneer solutions for shaping the future of the food industry.

Forging Partnerships Shaping the Future: Bastak Academy University-Industry Collaborations

Bastak Academy not only facilitates knowledge transfer but also opens its doors to young talents through practical experience opportunities like internships and engineering candidate programs. These programs offer students the chance to acquire practical knowledge and expand their professional networks, preparing them for the future with strength and readiness.

As Bastak Instruments, we stand alongside the engineers who will shape the future. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing between universities and industries, we aim to partner in groundbreaking projects for the future of the food industry. Because we know that the future is built with cooperation and knowledge sharing. Through our inclusive events welcoming students and industry professionals at all levels, we contribute to enhancing quality and establishing trust in the sector, thus enabling future generations to encounter a safer, healthier, and more sustainable food system.

Bastak Academy and Bastak Instruments operate with a vision to create a reliable and high-quality food system for future generations. By providing educational opportunities to young engineers and supporting technological advancements in the industry, they contribute to forward-looking steps in the food sector. In this regard, they leave a valuable legacy for both current and future generations.

As we shape the future together, we strengthen our belief in science and technology. Let's continue to progress because the future is being built with us!

MsC.  International Relations,  Andrea Montufar 

Source: Email/GFMM

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