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Advantages of Spiral Steel Silo

Advantages of Spiral Steel Silo

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At present, the diameter of the coiled spiral steel silo can be selected between 3 and 25m, the height-to-diameter ratio (the height of the straight cylinder divided by the diameter) can reach up to 5.75, the height of the straight cylinder can reach up to 31.5m, and the maximum capacity of a single warehouse can reach 6500t . Manufacturing and installation process: transport the silo manufacturing equipment (coil bin unit) to the construction site, and follow the procedures of the uncoiling, entrance, forming, undercut, push, and rise for galvanized coils, continuous bending, and biting The finished silo. During construction, the 495mm wide coil is sent from the uncoiler to the forming machine to be rolled into the required geometric shape and then bent by the undercutting machine, bitten (5 layers of spiral hemming), around Along the side of the silo, a 30-4mm wide continuous spiral encircling convex rib is formed.

Then, under the push of several running frames and supporting wheels for a week, the spiral rises to form the side wall of the silo. When the height of the side wall reaches about 1m, the installation roof will be close to the inner side of the side wall during the subsequent sidewall formation process. , install vertical reinforcing ribs to play a supporting role. When the side wall reaches the set height, the warehouse will be fixed.

Advantages: lightweight, high strength, long life, short construction period, low cost, good air tightness, high degree of mechanization, wide application and applicability. Disadvantages: limited warehouse capacity (currently the diameter does not exceed 25m, and the warehouse capacity does not exceed 6500t), and it cannot be disassembled.

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