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A Quarter Century of Global Quality Control and Food Safety: The Journey of Innovation and Leadership of Bastak Instruments

A Quarter Century of Global Quality Control and Food Safety: The Journey of Innovation and Leadership of Bastak Instruments

At Bastak Instruments, we have been maintaining our leadership in the field of food quality control, food safety, and assurance for a quarter of a century, during a period characterized by rapid changes and profound transformations in our world and our lives.

Bastak Instruments was founded in 1999 by Zeki Demirtaşoğlu, who holds multiple prestigious positions: President of DESMUD, an organization with an annual export figure of $3.53 billion in milling machinery, making Turkey a world leader in this field; President of the Global Defense and Risks Association; Chairman of the İvedik OSB Technology Industry Site; member of the Board of the Businessmen and Industrialists Association in Ankara; and Technical Committee Member of the ICC, which provides ISO standards for food and grain analysis, headquartered in Vienna, Austria. At Bastak Instruments, we manufacture 72 types of grain quality control devices, the first and only patented robotic sampling systems in Turkey, and 35 different flour, bread, and pasta additives. Our R&D Center, the first and only one approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in this field, has been producing with superior technical features for 25 years for the future of our country and humanity. Empowered by our values, Bastak Instruments adds flavor to food, energizes life, and designs the future with its expert and international team to leave a livable world for future generations.

Located in Kahramankazan, Ankara, Bastak Instruments operates in a facility with a total area of 10,000 m² and a covered area of 7,000 m². With the most advanced machinery, state-of-the-art production lines, 195 engineers, and a total of 265 personnel, we use CNC bending, CNC milling, and CNC turning machines. We ensure the quality control of our devices, produced to international world standards and quality, with CMM devices measuring with a precision of one-thousandth of a millimeter and conducting performance tests in 80 countries.

Bastak Instruments is a member of IAOM and AACC from America, ICC from Europe, and DESMUD from Turkey. Our quality control devices are recognized by the most prestigious quality standards and certifications worldwide, including ICC Standard No. 189 and No. 192, EN ISO 9001, CE, Bipea, FSSC 22000, US and European Utility Models and Patents, Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) Accredited Laboratory, and TSE Service Competence Certificate. We have the world's widest product range, exporting to more than 150 countries, with over 20,000 devices currently in use in flour, bread, pasta, biscuit, and grain industry producers, universities, research industries, and grain quality control analysis laboratories worldwide.

With the pride of representing our country on the international stage, Bastak Instruments leads with our ICC Standard 189 and ICC Standard 192 standards, 4 analysis methods, and 9 devices listed in the ICC booklet, all pioneering contributions to science and academia. Under the Bastak Academy, we organize international seminars and symposiums, providing a rich learning experience with online and in-person training, articles, and academic studies. We aim for equality of opportunity in education, focusing on continuous learning, science, and innovation.

Expert Laboratory Services, established in 1996 as part of the Bastak Group, conducts 350,000 tests annually with its 92 laboratories and 195 expert engineering staff, classifying 3 million tons of cereals, oilseeds, and legumes meticulously for the Republic of Turkey, making it the largest, first, and only accredited classifier laboratory in the country.

Solarray, founded in 1997 as part of the group, invests in renewable energy out of respect for nature and to leave a livable world for future generations. In 2020, Hero Innovation, another group company, started producing high-tech products needed by the defense industry with advanced technology and domestic resources. Alınteri Lidas A.Ş., established in 2021, invests in ensuring and increasing food safety, commissioning contemporary storage facilities for 40,000 tons of cereals, oilseeds, and legumes.

Today, from Turkey to Colombia, Indonesia to Algeria, India to Russia, we proudly sign and inscribe our name in golden letters on life-changing, cutting-edge projects around the world. We rise with the impact we have on food safety, food assurance, and human life, drawing strength from our experiences.

As we serve the economies, science, and innovation of our country and the world, and contribute to the health and life of humanity, we cherish the journey of wheat that began 12,000 years ago in Göbeklitepe, Anatolia, and its ancestral seeds, hoping to achieve many more centuries of success.

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