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A cover story on sustainable CO2 seed oil extraction equipment

A cover story on sustainable CO2 seed oil extraction equipment

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No more wasted opportunities

Several seed oil extraction machines on the global market allow you to do more with less wastage and lower operating costs. That's how you get optimized performance for today and future-proof resilience for tomorrow.

There are several types of solutions in the market:

* Small-Batch Solution: 10 L to 40 L system configurations.

* Flagship Solution: 20 L to 90 L system configurations.

* Massive Volume: 200 L to 400+ L system configurations.

Untapped potential in your seed oil business

CO2 & Multi-Solvent Extraction Systems

Run in mono solvent mode (CO2) or multi-solvent mode (CO2 plus a small amount of cosolvent such as ethanol). Easily switch back and forth as your needs require.

These automated systems combine the many benefits of CO2 (like purity, tunability, and consistency) with the optional added efficacy of cosolvent injection (like more throughput and selectivity).

You get greater effectiveness—and more possibilities.

Execute your current vision. And prepare for change with equipment that’s flexible enough to help you pivot when unexpected customer preferences push you to create new or different products.

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Benefits of CO2 Oil Extraction Technology

Cleaner Oils

With CO2 extraction, you get clean seed oils out of the system: no residual solvents of the type traditionally measured by regulators. Any CO2 in your collected oil evaporates away, quickly and naturally—an easy selling point for health-conscious consumers.

Closed-Loop Extraction

The CO2 in a system is recycled and reused as part of the process, which involves continuous cleaning and purification. That lowers your environmental impact and provides ongoing cost-effectiveness.

Lower Energy Use

Integrated refrigeration with heat recovery can greatly reduce your energy costs and consumption. It can diminish the need for less-efficient third-party chilling and heating equipment.

Preservation of Delicate Compounds

CO2 systems can operate with both liquid and supercritical CO2. You can extract and separate valuable (but fragile) molecules at cold temperatures and low pressures to eliminate thermal degradation.

Added Benefits of this Technology

More Throughput

Achieve much faster run times and up to 233% greater throughput each day than by using CO2 alone.* All without sacrificing the quality you expect.

Lower Operating Costs

Cut your recurring solvent and energy use by substantial amounts so that you lower your cost of producing each gram of finished product.

Expanded Selectivity

Easily extract compounds that could otherwise be a challenge with CO2 alone. Pull out the polar and non-polar substances you need for your products.

Easy Integration

Get up and running without making a separate space to meet safety regulations. Unlike most solvent systems, these solutions don’t require a special room.

Operator-Friendly Automation and Controls

Configure your system, hit start, and go attend to other tasks. Generate consistent results by reducing the variability between different operators.

With this technology you can:

* Set custom parameters such as flow rates, pressures, and temperatures.
* Save your extraction configurations.
* Use pre-loaded batch recipes.
* Quickly glance at the interface to check system performance within seconds.
* Monitor your system remotely.
* Retrieve your secured data without corrupting the original files.
*Use your data for custom reporting in third-party business software.
With an Internet connection at your facility, you can remotely connect associated service technicians to your system for more efficient training, support, and troubleshooting.

Do you want to optimize your current operations and create new or better products? Either way, there are many with you in this technology market. You just find the technology you need.

- SZK based on online information

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