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Operating Rules For Cleaning Process Of Rice Processing Equipment

Operating Rules For Cleaning Process Of Rice Processing Equipment

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1. Cleaning process

Raw material cleaning is the first process of rice milling. It mainly includes preliminary cleaning and stone removal. The use of comparable equipment through the appropriate process route and proper methods, the impurities mixed into the rice are removed, in order to facilitate safe production and ensure the quality of the finished product. If the impurities are not cleaned up properly, it will cause extremely adverse consequences for rice processing, that is, increase the processing burden, damage the machinery, affect the efficiency of the equipment, reduce the yield, and reduce the purity of the rice, damaging the quality of the finished product. Therefore, in the process of grain processing and production, it is a very important task to do a good job of removing impurities, reduce impurities by every means, and improve the purity of rice.

(A) In the grain processing technology, there are large and small impurities and light impurities. All impurities remaining on the diameter of 5.0 mm round hole screen are called large impurities; The material passing through the 2.0 mm diameter round hole screen is a small impurity.

(2) The specific gravity stone removal machine is mainly used to remove the stone in the grain. It includes a feed hopper, flow regulating mechanism and feed guide control plate and other components, the screen surface (fish scale plate) can be used two balanced triangle area and two stone outlet, automatic selection of stone discharge, it is an important link to control the grain content in the stone, and the efficiency of stone removal is directly related. The air supply system of the stone removal machine mainly consists of two parts: fan and air levelling device. There is a close relationship between the quality of the material automatic polarizing and the process effect of the equipment. In the control of flow in production practice, too large or too small flow will reduce the efficiency of stone removal.

The air volume of the stone removal machine can be judged according to the state of the material movement on the screen surface and the quality of the two outlet materials.

(3) High-speed cleaning screen is a kind of body vibration frequency, so it is widely used to screen grain clutter in the rice milling process, which is mainly composed of feeding mechanism, suction device, vibrator and support mechanism. The flow rate is one of the main factors affecting BMX. The general rule is that when the flow is large, the material is difficult to jump due to the thick flow layer. Therefore, the cleaning efficiency is reduced, and the yield efficiency is affected when the raw grain contains too much impurity.

(4) Operation and maintenance management of the stone removal machine

1. In operation and use, ensure that the screen surface is installed flat and tensioned, the screen body shall not tilt, the length of the derrick or strut should be consistent, and the Angle should be the same, so as to avoid the phenomenon of uneven flow of the sieve surface, and even the phenomenon of disconnecting the derrick or strut.

2. Strictly prevent the phenomenon of sudden fluctuation of flow rate, the air inlet of the fish scale screen surface is a component of the air flow, and it is necessary to keep it unimpeded. When the fish scale screen is blocked, it can be cleaned with a wire brush, and do not hit it hard.

3, the screen surface must be evenly tensioned on the screen cabinet, the horizontal and vertical tensioning degree should be consistent, otherwise it will affect the screening efficiency and the service life of the screen surface, and the equipment should be comprehensively inspected before operation.

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