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Artificial intelligence is also being used in shrimp farming

Artificial intelligence is also being used in shrimp farming

AI technology has begun to be used in Indonesia's shrimp farming. Photo: Collected

Artificial intelligence or AI technology is being used in various ways starting from agriculture in almost all parts of the world. AI is being used in shrimp farming in 16 ponds on the southern coast of Central Java, Indonesia. An organization called Efishary is working to introduce AI technology to farmers. "Shrimps are very sensitive animals," said Elsa Vinita, an Efisherine official. If one shrimp in the pond is infected with the virus, all the shrimp in the pond will die. We are using AI in shrimp farming. There are opportunities to use AI to better manage a farm. We are using a generative AI assistant called Mas Ahya to help keep the shrimp healthy. There is an opportunity to use this AI through a mobile app. We are using Microsoft Azure. Through this, there is an opportunity to increase the skill in shrimp farming. In February of this year, there is an opportunity to use the month Ahya in the Javanese language. Farmers are getting information from AI on pond water quality, hatching status, market price of shrimp, etc.

Catfish farmer Jibran Huzaifah founded Efishery in 2013. He said, 'Efishary was launched to work with Internet of Things based farm system. Bandung-based Efishery is now using AI to modernize fish and shrimp farming. We are helping more than 2 lakh farmers and farmers. Late last year, Efishery began using AI to monitor shrimp quality. Farmers can work directly with AI tools through a mobile app called eFarm. Currently, support is available in Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese, and English. Farmers are using AI tools to grow not only shrimp but also tilapia.

Source: Online/GFMM

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