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Assembly of water tanks in Sevilla, Spain

Assembly of water tanks in Sevilla, Spain

The installation of a 2 water tank made of ProMag-coated sheet metal is underway in Carmona, Spain.

These tanks are part of a project resulting from the strategic agreement with one of the main players in the food industry, Grupo Aviserrano. This agreement involves the execution and manufacturing of an innovative soy storage system at the feed factory in Guadix (Granada), as well as the installation of seven additional water tanks, with a total capacity of 14 million liters, for various companies belonging to the group.

This project represents a significant step in the expansion and strengthening of Grupo Aviserrano’s operations.

Left: Assembly of a 23.64/4 model water tank in Carmona. Capacity: one million liters. Right: Assembly of a 16.04/4 model water tank inside a warehouse in Morón de la Frontera. Capacity: 800,000 liters The photo shows the installation of the PVC liner. 

-By  Silos Spain 

Source: Email/GFMM

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