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Food security requires concerted efforts to protect agriculture

Food security requires concerted efforts to protect agriculture

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Combined efforts of all concerned government and non-governmental organizations can be the best way to protect agriculture from the challenges prevailing in the Rajshahi region. Conventional agriculture is now facing various challenges, especially the adverse effects of climate change, in this region with its vast barren lands. So cooperative efforts are needed to meet the challenge.

Academics and agricultural experts came up with the observation while addressing a stakeholder workshop titled "Assessing Community Actions and Livelihood Coping Mechanisms against Climate Change Impacts in Rajshahi Region" here today (March 07, 03, 2024).

The Department of Soil Science at Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) and the University of Salford, UK jointly organized the workshop at the Conference Hall of the Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE).

Prof Bingu Ingirige from Salford University and Prof Anwarul Abedin from the BAU's Soil Science Department addressed the workshop as focal persons.

District Training Officer of DAE Umme Salma, Senior Scientific Officers of Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute Dr. Sakhawat Hossain and Dr Jahedul Islam, Principal Scientific Officer of Bangladesh Rice Research Institute Dr Fazlul Islam and Principal Scientific Officer of Soil Resource Development Institute Shahidul Islam also spoke disseminating their expertise on the issue.

The meeting was told that many government organizations are implementing various time-fitting programs to promote the region's farming system for food security by mitigating the challenges, including drought and uneven rainfall.

Various issues related to the promotion of surface water for lessening the gradually mounting pressure on underground water, habituating farmers with less water-consuming crops, conservation agriculture, and aquifer recharge were discussed elaborately.

Barind Multipurpose Development Authority (BMDA) has been re-excavating derelict ponds, canals, and other wetlands to bring the farming fields under surface water irrigation.

By adopting various demand-driven projects and initiatives, the region has attained significant success in the field of enhancing production. The region's people are enjoying the fruits of the successes immensely.

The meeting also emphasized using modern technologies in agriculture to make it profitable and sustainable so that it can ensure food security for the population.

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