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"Farmer app launched to ensure fair price of paddy"

"Farmer app launched to ensure fair price of paddy"

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Mentioning that the farmers once protested on the streets demanding a fair price of rice, he said, now they don't go on the streets; Doesn't even move. The government has taken various measures including the Farmer App to ensure the fair price of rice to the farmers. Besides, the government is working for the development of farmers in various ways including the distribution of agricultural inputs, fertilizers, and seeds.

The minister said these things in his speech as the chief guest at the high-yielding boro paddy harvest and farmers' meeting in Ritchie Union of Habiganj Sadar Upazila last Sunday morning (May 12, 2024) to verify the effectiveness of Khamari App organized by Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council and Directorate of Agricultural Extension.

Habiganj-3 Constituency Member of Parliament and District Awami League President Advocate Md. Abu Zahir, Member of Parliament of Habiganj-2 Constituency Mayez Uddin Sharif, Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Wahida Akhtar, Deputy Commissioner of Habiganj Mocha. Jilufa Sultana was present on the occasion.

He later participated in the harvest festival of the High Yielding Boro Rice Exhibition and attended the Field Day event.

The Agriculture Minister said that paddy brokers are also a part of the country's economy. Even though Boro has fixed the price of paddy at Tk 1,100, marginal farmers are not getting more than Tk 700 to Tk 800 because of the fariyas. Even if the market is monopolized, there are problems. Because there will be retail and wholesale buyers and sellers in the rice market.

Pointing out that the government is working to create a rice market according to the economy, Abdus Shahid said, "Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina thinks that if the farmer survives, then the country will survive." We are working towards that goal. I am here to encourage the farmer brothers. To boost their interest, the government is subsidizing fertilizers and agricultural machinery. Farmers are now benefiting as the government has adopted this policy that if the farmer lives, the country will survive.

The relevant officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council were present on the occasion.

Source: Online/GFMM

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