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‘We see ourself as one of the top class companies in this sector by means of our products quality and our experience’

Makenas Grain Milling Technology

Mr. Yusuf SAKALLI, the Sales & Marketing Director of Makenas Grain Milling Technology recently had an interview with Grain Feed & Milling Magazine. Its magnet part is revealed to the readers.

Grain Feed & Milling Magazine : Kindly say your name and identity or the designation, Please.

Mr. Yusuf SAKALLI: Yusuf SAKALLI, Sales & Marketing Director of Makenas Grain Milling Technology.

GFMM: Will you say something about your business start-up?

Mr. Yusuf: Our company established in 2000 by Mr. Ali DOST who has long years of experience in this sector.

GFMM: What kind of product do you produce? Tell us about the current status or range of your business and company.

Mr. Yusuf: Makenas is a dynamic and expanding company that designs, manufactures and install turnkey flour, semolina, maize, feed mill and steel silo plants with its factory settled on totally 28.000m2 area in Çorum / Turkey.

GFMM: Tell us about the quality of your product. Why buyer will buy it from ten people’s product?

Mr. Yusuf: Quality is our priority. We use top quality materials and equipments in our products. We have more than 20 years experience as company and we continuously improve our products with R&D studies.  

GFMM: Compare your industry/company with respect or the top class to the world market.

Mr. Yusuf: We see ourself as one of the top class companies in this sector by means of our products quality and our experience.

GFMM: Tell me if you have any problems or challenges with this business.

Mr. Yusuf: We may have problems or challenges sometimes but we always try to be positive and find a solution to cope with them.

GFMM: How did you deal or overcome these problems / challenges?

Mr. Yusuf: We studied problems or challenges from all aspects and solved with our experienced team and new technologies.

GFMM: Will you say about your management style?

Mr. Yusuf: Our management consist of Chairman and Department Managers/Chiefs. On the other hand, every employee can give ideas to improve our company in a family environment.

GFMM: Say on your service categories.

Mr. Yusuf: We manufacture single machines for flour and feed mills, give montage service for our machines and we also undertake turnkey projects by means of our inhouse process design team.

GFMM: Tell me about your staffs or manpower education and experiences.

Mr. Yusuf: Our team consist of experienced engineers and masters. We also give chance to newly graduated candidates.

GFMM: Will you say about your significant achievement so far?

Mr. Yusuf: We started to manufacture machines to other companies in a small machine workshop at the beginning.  Our significant achievement is to became a company which has 28.000 sqm factory and export almost 80% of its production to more than 40 countries.

GFMM: What was the main force or power behind it?

Mr. Yusuf: The main reason of this achievement is our products quality, respond on time to all inquiries and qualified team players.

GFMM: Will you say about your future plan?

Mr. Yusuf: Our future plan is to increase number of countries we export by strictly following our quality standards.

GFMM: What are the essential qualities of a good industrialist?

Mr. Yusuf: The essential qualities of a good industrialist are following new technologies, innovations and apply them, standing behind products.

GFMM: Do you want to say something to your customers?

Mr. Yusuf: We wish a happy and healthy new year to all of our customers which we can continue to cooperate unstopped as in 2020.

GFMM: How is Bangladesh market compared to the developed world in this sector?

Mr. Yusuf: Bangladesh is a big and developing market for all of sectors. We closely follow this market and as a result of our studies we signed and already delivered our first order to one of the big companies in Bangladesh.

GFMM: Say something about Bangladesh beyond your business.

Mr. Yusuf: I see Bangladesh as a brother country for Turkey and I believe we will have more cooperation chances with Bangladesh friends.

GFMM: Thank you on behalf of ‘Grain Feed & Milling Magazine’.

Mr. Yusuf: Thank you very much for giving us chance to introduce our company by this interview.

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