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‘We see our own products and company at the top class of sector. we trust our quality and products’

‘We see our own products and company at the top class of sector. we trust our quality and products’
Mr. Mustafa Bacak, Vice General Manager, Milltech, Turkey. Photo: Milltech

Recently, Mr. Mustafa Bacak, the vice general manager of Milltech Company in Turkey, gave an interview to Grain Feed and Milling Magazine. The magnetic part of that interview was published for the readers of Grain Feed and Milling Magazine.

Grain Feed & Milling Magazine:  Will you say something about your business start-up?

Mr. Mustafa Bacak: In 1977, the foundations of the company were laid on the potential gap in the sector in the country.

GFMM:  What kind of product do you produce? Tell us about the current status or range of your business and company.

Mr. Mustafa:  Today, we make turnkey production and installation of flour, semolina, corn flour, corn semolina mill and feed production facilities starting from 15 tons per day up to 1000 tons in our 20.000 m2 factory. In addition, we provide services to our customers on the basis of machinery and spare parts.

Mr. Mustafa Bacak, Vice General Manager, Milltech, Turkey. Photo: Milltech

GFMM:  Tell us about the quality of your product. Why buyer will buy it from ten people’s product?

Mr. Mustafa:  First of all, we care a lot about what we do. We strive to do our job lovingly and in the best way possible. Our R&D and technical work is at the highest level. We have 40 years of experience and an expert staff. We are making a quality-oriented production in our modern production facility.

GFMM:  Compare your company with respect or the top class to the world market.

Mr. Mustafa:  We see our own products and company at the top class of sector. We trust our quality and products.

GFMM:  Tell us if you have any problems or challenges with this business.

Mr. Mustafa:  There may be problems in this sector as well as in the all sectors. Previously, the technical and engineering parts of the sector were not strong. There were times when sectoral competition had difficulties.

GFMM:  How did you deal or overcome these problems / challenges?

Mr. Mustafa:  We have solved competition and engineering problems with our own R&D studies and our investments in this field.

GFMM:  Will you say about your management style?

Mr. Mustafa:  We are a 2nd generation family company. The management part continues actively as the 2nd Generation. Meanwhile, we have at the key points key professional management team.

Photo: Milltech

GFMM:  Say on your service categories.

GFMM:  Tell me about your staffs or manpower education and experiences.

Mr. Mustafa:  The management team all are engineers. All employees have certificate of expertise. Apart from this, there are also trainings we organize within our own structure. We also organize events for development in cooperation with universities.

GFMM:  Will you say about your significant achievement so far?

Mr. Mustafa:  It is difficult to give a single answer to this question. We have more than 700 finished projects to date. There are separate successes and stories in each of them.

GFMM:  What was the main force or power behind it?

Mr. Mustafa:  As we said at the beginning, we take our strength from being a family business, that is, from our family and also from our employees.

Photo: Milltech

GFMM:  Will you say about your future plan?

Mr. Mustafa:  To continue the sector with our more innovative and better services by improving our quality and strategies that we have achieved now day by day.

GFMM:  What are the essential qualities of a good industrialist?

Mr. Mustafa:  Diligence honesty is the main qualities. Apart from this, it is very important to be able to catch and apply innovations with a disciplined working style.

GFMM:  Do you want to say something to your customers?

Mr. Mustafa:  In order to provide better service to our customers, we work day and night and try to do better than the previous day. To strive to deliver quality products at affordable prices. We design the factories we designed like our own factories and keep the efficiency at the highest level. As a result of this, we continue our commercial and friendly relations with customer for long years.

Photo: Milltech

GFMM:  How is Bangladesh market compared to the developed world in this sector?

Mr. Mustafa:  The Bangladesh market is a strong market and continues to strengthen. Especially the investments made in recent years are a proof of this.

GFMM:  What will it take for such industries to be fully developed in Bangladesh?

Mr. Mustafa:  The industry needs high quality systems that are advanced in engineering and quality. We are ready to do our best by using our experience and knowledge in the sector to close this gap and improve the sector in Bangladesh.

GFMM:  Say something about Bangladesh beyond your business.

Mr. Mustafa:  Bangladesh is a country we feel close to with our cultural affiliations. We are honored to serve the people of Bangladesh and this geography. It is one of our greatest wishes to continue to be here by increasing our friendly relations and cooperation.

GFMM:  Thank you on behalf of ‘Grain Feed & Milling Magazine.


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