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Single feed which requires product registration (MARA) license to China

Single feed which requires product registration (MARA) license to China

Below is a list of single feed that requires product registration (MARA license) issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs for the people’s republic of China for overseas manufacturers planning to export single feed to China.

Barley protein powder, Rice protein powder, Enzymatically hydrolyzed, rice protein, Dried distillers grains, Dried rice wine lees, Dried alcohol grains [DDG], Solubles in dried alcohol grains [DDS], Dry beer lees, Dried alcohol grains containing solubles [dried whole alcohol grains] [DDGS], Gluten [active wheat gluten powder] [wheat protein powder], Wheat hydrolyzed protein, Sprayed corn husk, Corn Gluten Meal. Corn steep liquor dry powder, Enzymatically hydrolyzed corn protein, Rapeseed protein, Rapeseed Meal [Rapeseed Meal], Canola Meal [Canola Meal], Soy protein isolate, Soy protein hydrolyzed by enzyme, Soy protein concentrate, Soy Molasses, Soybean meal, Expanded Soy Protein [Textured Soy Protein], Expanded soybean meal, Peanut Protein, Peanut Meal [Peanut Kernel Meal], Cottonseed protein, Enzymatic hydrolysis of cottonseed protein, Cottonseed meal [cotton meal],

Dephenolic cottonseed protein [Detoxified cottonseed protein], Broad bean flour milk protein powder, Mung bean flour milk protein powder, Pea flour milk protein powder, Potato protein powder, Algae residue, Schizochytrium powder, Spirulina powder, Pseudochlorococcum powder, Microalgae meal, Chlorella powder, oil, oil residue (cake), Intestinal Membrane Protein Powder, Animal offal meal, Animal hydrolysates, Puffed feather meal, Hydrolyzed hoof powder, Hydrolyzed animal hair powder, Hydrolyzed feather meal, Egg powder, Egg yolk powder,  Eggshell powder, Egg white powder, bone meal (grain), Meat meal

Meat and Bone Meal, Acidified bone meal [Bone calcium hydrogen phosphate], Degummed bone meal, Spray drying_plasma protein powder, Spray drying blood globulin powder, Hydrolyzed blood meal, Hydrolyzed blood globulin powder, Hydrolyzed globin powder, Blood meal, Heme protein powder, Krill powder, Shrimp powder, White fish meal, Hydrolyzed fish protein powder, Fish meal, Fish steak powder, Fish lysing, Fish soluble powder, Fish and shrimp meal, Fish oil, Low-fat fish meal [low-fat fish meal] (added in July 2014)

Sodium humate (added in December 2013), Fermented soybean meal, Fermentation_pomace, Fermented cottonseed protein, Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermented white wine grain, Candida utilis protein, Beer Yeast Powder, Food yeast powder (added in December 2013), Yeast hydrolysate (added in December 2013), Saccharomyces cerevisiae culture (added in December 2013), Saccharomyces cerevisiae extract (added in December 2013), Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall (added in December 2013), Glutamate residue, Nucleotide residue, Lysine residue, Citric acid grains, Beet molasses yeast fermentation concentrate (added in December 2013), Glucosamine hydrochloride (added in December 2013)

The overall product registration process takes around 4 to 6 months after submitting your documents to the minsitry. The supporting application material need to be submitted for registion include power of attorney,  product physicochemical properties, production or using licences of the local country, source of the product & composition, manufacturing method, product standard and test method, production or using label of the local country, intended use/rangeof application/usage and dosage, packing and storage, application situation in other countries

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