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“Responsibility is important for economic, I want to do beneficial to human beings, we seek our customer’s success”  

“Responsibility is important for economic, I want to do beneficial to human beings, we seek our customer’s success”  

Mr. Win Htut Aung is the Founder of Peace Brothers Industry and Managing Director of NCY International Co Ltd. in Myanmar. Grain Feed & Milling Magazine (GFMM) recently interviewed him. The magnetic part of that interview was revealed to the readers of Grain Feed & Milling Magazine.

GFMM: How you to get involved yourself with this business?

Mr. Win Htut Aung: I established this business since 2003. I am founder and chairman of this business. I am also do innovative engineering and create new design for new product of grain machinery.

GFMM: Will you say something about your business start-up?

Mr. Htut Aung: This business history was started from my father’s Dal mill. When I was 25 year old, my father built new Dal mill factory. At that time our country (Myanmar) was not development, our engineers built mill for Dal mill by wood. They didn’t finished their work, thus I involved this mill set up installation. So I know I have interesting in grain machinery and I decided in the future I will establish grain machinery industry.

GFMM: Tell us about the current status or range of your business and company?

Mr. Htut Aung: Now I have over 200 employees, 10 engineers, 30 of marketing and finance. I have branch office at Myanmar capital city Yangon. We distribute the whole Myanmar grain machinery market. In near future we want to export international market.

GFMM: What kind of product do you produce?

Mr. Htut Aung: Our main product are Rice Mill machines (all processing units), storage, dryers etc. But also pulse processing machines. And semi-automatic fryer, plam separation, pneumatic conveyor etc.

GFMM: Tell us about the quality of your product?

Mr. Htut Aung: We focus on our product quality. Also customer can accept with our price.

Every machine tested at factory before delivery. We guarantee our products with one year warranty but for grain dryer is with 3 years warranty.

GFMM: How many country you are exporting?

Mr. Htut Aung: Coming future we will export international market, now not yet, we are trying to export.

GFMM: Compare your industry/company with respect or the top class to the world market.

Mr. Htut Aung: We can competitive with world class company. Prices are depend on quality. We don’t sell unqualified machine to market.

GFMM: Tell me if you have any problems or challenges with this business.

Mr. Htut Aung: We have some problems and challenges with this business. Myanmar is un-development country, thus we have difficult to get skill engineers and workers. We also have very difficult to buy some spare parts of machines. Another one we have more difficult for investment of machines like INDUSTRY 4.0 revolutionary.

GFMM: How did you deal or overcome these problems / challenges?

Mr. Htut Aung: For unskilled workers, we train them and we take time, but still need more high tech professional engineers. For difficult of big machines buying, we even get bank loan, but still need more investment machine.

GFMM: Will you say about your management style?

Mr. Htut Aung: We use star fish management style. We give full authority to our each team.

GFMM: Say on your service categories.

Mr. Htut Aung: Machine manufacturing and seller are essential need for after sale service.

We have after sale service team. Categories are machine maintenance and service, installation team, Mechanical team, Electrical team, software team , training team ,commissioning team , color sorter and packing service etc.

GFMM: Tell me about your staffs or manpower’s education and experiences.

Mr. Htut Aung: We have meeting every weekend. Sometimes if we have important case we call immediately meeting. I always give motivation to our all stuffs. We give many kind of allowance at monthly depend on work done. We give sharp prize for capacity and intelligent workers. Sometime I called external trainer for their career development.

GFMM: Will you say about your significant achievement so far?

Mr. Htut Aung: I have 50% of grain machinery market share in Myanmar. I got sharp industrial economic award 2020 of Sagaing Region in Myanmar.

GFMM: What was the main force or power behind it?

Mr. Htut Aung: Our power is collective soul and main force is made in Myanmar to international market.

GFMM: Will you say about your future plan?

Mr. Htut Aung: Our future plan is so many. Now we are in grain machinery sector, future we will go food processing industry and I would like to invest equivalent of industry 4.0 .

GFMM: Say something about yourself as a human, as a successful industrialist.

Mr. Htut Aung: I like simple life and don’t like injustice. I based on honestly and obey right ethic .Responsibility is important for economic. I want to do beneficial to human beings.  We seek our customer’s success. Peace brothers will give you the corresponding quality ​​you paid to us.

GFMM: What are the essential qualities of a good industrialist?

Mr. Htut Aung: Right technology, good ideas, good design, save environment, good workers, good machining machine, reality of QC pass, good raw materials , good packing, good service.

GFMM: Do you want to say something to your targeted customers?

Mr. Htut Aung: Price is depends on quality and technology. When customer choose right supplier, main consideration are responsibility and sustainability.

GFMM: How is Bangladesh market compared to the developed world in this sector?

Mr. Htut Aung: Bangladesh market is potential development country. So I would like to work together and distribute our machines in Asia including Bangladesh.

 GFMM: Thank you on behalf of Grain Feed & Milling Magazine.

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