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Initiative of Chittagong Port to solve the export container crisis

Initiative of Chittagong Port to solve the export container crisis
File Photo: Chittagong Port

The Chittagong Port Authority has taken some decisions to speed up the import-export activities by resolving the export container crisis. These decisions were taken at an emergency meeting of the port last Monday (July 12, 2021).

These decisions include giving priority to berthing to feeder vessels going to Colombo. Marskline operates 12 ships from Chittagong port to Chittagong-Singapore route every month; They will coordinate with the principal to operate a minimum of 3 feeders per month on the Chittagong-Colombo route instead of the Chittagong-Singapore route. If there is 100% export loader going to Colombo, these ships will be given priority berthing at Chittagong port.

The meeting further decided that if any new feeder operators or existing feeder operators are also interested in operating new feeder ships on the Chittagong-Colombo route, it will be approved on priority basis. BGMEA will hold a meeting with the Buyers Forum soon. Buyers will split their nominations with just one line forwarder. It will be possible to avoid monopoly.

In case of Offdock selection, BGMEA will soon take steps to split all Offdocks and nominate them in consultation with the Buyers Forum without nominating any special Offdock. This will not put pressure on Offdock alone. Carriers and MLOs will make full use of the Common Carrier Agreement with various carriers and the Direct Interchange system between mainline operators themselves to facilitate export shipments.

Empty containers from Offdock will be brought inside Chittagong port and shipment will be arranged as soon as possible. This will create space for storage of Offdocks export containers. Besides, empty container shipment will continue from Chittagong port and initiative will be taken to clear space for container storage at Chittagong port.

Source: Online/SZK

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