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GRAIN IMPROVERS: Higher milling efficiency and flour quality

GRAIN IMPROVERS: Higher milling efficiency and flour quality
From Left: Dick Bongard, General Manager, Grain Improvers B.V. | Valeria Petrichenko, TechnologyManager, Ph.D.Grain Improvers B.V. |IlhamHasanov, IZU Global Trading-official partner of GrainImprovers B.V. fordistributionanddevelopment – East Europe, Asia&Middle Eastand Far East

Crisis situations often force manufacturers to seek hidden reserves for self-preservation, to look for new ways of survival and even development.  2020 became a vivid example of the global crisis, which affected even the basic industries – baking and grain processing.  And now all those who know that the crisis is the time for new opportunities will succeed.

For everyone, in connection with a decrease in purchasing power, it became very interesting to maximize production efficiency with minimal costs and an emphasis on environmental friendliness.

The Coronavirus pandemic has focused global attention on health and good nutrition, not just for each person, but across entire countries.  Now it has become more important to evaluate food products in terms of nutritional and biological value.  And production is moving to a new level, in which the main task is to get a product under the “Clean label”.

In this regard, we would like to present a line of innovative products that fully comply with all modern global trends – Grain Improvers.

Grain Improvers is patented 100% natural Enzymatic composition the job of which is to facilitate grain grinding and to improve the quality of flour. Cellulose of grain shells is the substrate for Enzymes’ action. Grain improvers are applied in dry form by a simple in-line dispenser on wet grain at the stage of Tempering. Grain Improvers soften and disintegrate grain shells making them much more flexible than with standard way of grain preparation for grinding with only water.

Grain Improvers is an environmentally friendly solution that allows you to process plant cereals (wheat, rice, corn, oats, etc.) as efficiently as possible at lower costs, while increasing the nutritional and biological value of finished products.

Since 2011 our team has begun the R&D for unique composition of Enzymes – Grain Improvers and since thenexcellent results were achieved, which we would be glad to share with you.

In 2015 World priority was received for Grain Improvers and at the moment there are patents in Europe, Australia, Russia and patenting in USA, India and other countries is ongoing.

Grain Improvers’ available range is as follows:

The Grain Improvers range is designed to meet requirements of a specific mill.  The main advantage is that better results can be achieved without additional CAPEX and by increasing the price of flour which is also important for overcoming the extended economic crisis.  Using of Grain Improvers gives millers high-quality-value flours’ yield increase, prolongs milling equipment life, extends service intervals and reduces energy costs thus allowing a mill to operate economically more efficient and complying with the modern industry and market trends and requirements.

For getting more informationplease visit our web site www.grainimprovers.com. For contacting send e-mail to grainimprover@gmail.com


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