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An amazing protest from the German farmers

An amazing protest from the German farmers
Hundreds of toy tractors have been set up by protesters underneath the Brandenburg Gate& farmers can be seen standing on top of their tractors in front of Brandernburg Gate. Picture: Collected
Streets around the Brandenburg Gate (pictured in the distance) were gridlocked earlier on November 26 after thousands of farmers descended on Berlin. Picture: Collected
The parked tractors blocked wide areas of the city today before parking in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Others, pictured, parked in front of the Bundestag, the German parliament building & a placard reading ‘Don’t forget we make your food!’ has been painted on to the back of one of the tractors. Picture: Collected
An estimated 10,000 farmers with 5,000 tractors parked their vehicles on the road between the Berlin university and the landmark Brandenburg Gate. Picture: Collected
People can be seen speaking with a farmer driving his tractor near Brandenburg Gate. Picture: Collected
Farmers gather near Brandenburg Gate with a photo of a baby bearing the inscription ‘Do I have a future?’. Picture: Collected
Germany’s environment minister, Svenja Schulze, said the government is open to discussions with the farmers (pictured during the protest) & An aerial view shows rows of tractors blocking the street. Picture: Collected

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Source: Online/SZK

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