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Alapala Remote Services

As an experienced global player in milling industry and an expert provider of turnkey greenfield and modernization projects, Alapala knows that technical support and maintenance play a critical role in ensuring the continuity of operations in mills.

Combining expertise in manufacturing and global know-how, Alapala is always there for its customers, wherever they may be in the world. From providing spare parts and performing periodic maintenance to prevent downtime to training and immediate intervention through remote connection, Alapala offers a comprehensive range of professional services to support millers around the world.

World Wide Spare Parts Stock
At Alapala’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, a large number of spare and wear parts are manufactured with unmatched expertise. Thanks to the large stock of raw materials and the collaboration of designers and technicians, a wide range of spare parts can be manufactured and supplied at short notice.

With 3 distribution centers and over 45 offices around the world Alapala can provide up-to-the-minute inventory information on request to keep milling plants operating at optimum productivity.

Preventive Maintenance is Key for Uninterrupted Operation
As all millers know, maintenance, repair and technical service are key in ensuring that systems run in a highly productive manner at lower costs.Preventive and periodic maintenance is crucial for optimum system lifetime and efficiency. A considerable percentage of breakdowns can actually be avoided through regular maintenance. Including labor, spare parts, and downtime-related losses, the costs resulting from breakdowns are much higher than those of maintenance.

Preventive and periodic maintenance reduces downtime and repair costs, ensuring business continuity and allowing millers to meet their business objectives. By offering comprehensive maintenance packages, Alapala provides its customers optimum solution to maintain the high level of productivity and efficiency.

From Left: Alapala On-Site Services & Alapala DIOS

On-Site Product and Plant Support
Alapala’s value-added services provide plants with a broad range of service support. Drawing on a unique mix of global and local expertise as well as technology leadership, Alapala’s professional service team can provide troubleshooting, diagnostics, consultancy, engineering support and more, ensuring that milling plants continue to perform with maximum efficiency.

By performing scheduled maintenance shutdowns, Alapala improves plant performance and extends the life of machinery. Through optimizing operations and enabling service continuity, Alapala supports its customers to ensure their systems run at the highest levels of productivity possible. On-site product and plant support provided by Alapala’s service professionals include problem resolution, plant surveys, automation system support, and customized solutions.

Alapala Remote Services Have You Covered
By providing comprehensive remote services to support its customers with reliable and proven solutions, Alapala helps them to maximize the reliability of machines, optimize costs and maintain plant operations. Remote system diagnostic services allow for a more rapid and cost-effective diagnosis than plant visits, saving time and money for millers.

Applying industry best practices with in-depth knowledge and expertise, Alapala’s remote support packages ensure business continuity, reduce downtime, service disruptions, and operational costs and provide actionable intelligence offering real-time plant information.

Operating on an interactive, application-based software offering support in 6 languages, remote mechanical pack DIOS enables immediate response to machine failures while reducing human errors and breakdowns, as well as maintenance costs, through uninterrupted information flow.

Reliable Support in Turnkey Modernization Projects
With large-scale projects it is critical to have one person looking at the overall picture in order to ensure plant efficiency. As preventive and predictive maintenance is key for maximum productivity and efficiency of milling plants, adopting a holistic approach is highly beneficial for millers.

Offering inspection services upon request, Alapala’s Professional Services team evaluates the performance of machinery and systems in milling plants, diagnoses worn out parts that require replacement and advises on any necessary actions to be taken by double checking maintenance requirements. The full check-up provided by team includes an action plan for maximum efficiency, as well as a list of spare parts that need to be installed.

With its global know-how and unique expertise, Alapala offers a wide range of modernization services including the redesigning of milling diagrams and flow sheets, replacement of existing equipment for better performance and improved efficiency, and integration of new solutions and technologies. Through these offerings, productivity and quality are improved, resulting in increased overall efficiency.

Unmatched Expertise in the Service of Millers Worldwide
Complementing its comprehensive range of professional services with the on-site training services it offers in addition to those provided under the umbrella of its new pilot mill Alapala Academy&Innovation Center, Alapala sets considerably high standards with its customer-oriented holistic approach and shares its expertise in innovative grain milling solutions with many, from milling industry students to workers and professionals.

Enabling its customers to get the most of their investments by providing spare parts, on-site and remote technical support, modernization services, and training programs, Alapala is a reliable and powerful partner for millers across the globe.

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