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A new linseed pressing plant is being set up in Russia

A new linseed pressing plant is being set up in Russia

ASVA, the joint venture of ASTON (Russia) and Vandeputte Huilerie SA (Belgium), entrusted Desmet Ballestra with the construction of a complete technological processing line for the new full double pressing linseed oil extraction plant with the plant capacity of 450 TPD (Novoaleksandrovka, Rostov region).

The project has been worked out for a long time with various scenarios in terms of launch time and volumes. As a result, based on comprehensive technological analysis of ASVA, Desmet Ballestra was awarded with this project thanks to its top expertise, 75 years of experience and unique know-how in the field of seed processing.

The customer entrusted Desmet Ballestra with the engineering project implementation and delivery of comprehensive modern line that will provide reliable and efficient process of complete linseed pressing with guaranteed high performance at all the stages.

This technological solution is based on the famous Rosedowns press technology, which provides the most efficient oil extraction, both at the cold and hot pressing stages.

Desmet Ballestra thanks our technical and commercial team for the tight cooperation with ASVA, which allowed us to fully meet all the detailed clients requirements.

|Source: Online/KSU

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