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A grandson-long article for animal feed(pet food)

A grandson-long article for animal feed(pet food)

According to the General Administration of Customs for the People’s Republic of China. There are 16 manufacturing facilities from Italy registered to export pet food to China. As of the last year, 2020 China Customs (GACC) approved 10 new manufacturing facilities from Italy which led to an increase in the number of pet food manufacturers listed from Italy to 16 total. Several other 6 manufacturing units were listed in the year 2017. The recent listed pet food companies listed include Prosol SPA, Diusa Pet Srl, Adragna Alimenti Zootecnici Srl, Befood srl, Mister SPA, NP Industries SPA, Netsle Italiana SPA, Sany pet SPA, ACEL Pharma and Landini Giuntini SPA. The approved pet food manufacturers need to apply for a product registration license issued by the Ministry of Rural and Affairs for the people’s republic of China( MARA) to complete the registration procedure, without the product license, won’t be possible to export their pet food to China regardless the GACC approval.

Several manufacturing units have already obtained the product license to export to China. In October 2021 Acel Pharma Srl has been issued the product license by the Ministry of Rural and Agricultural Affairs( MARA) for some of their products which already completed the product registration procedure include, Renal P Powder, Renal P paste, and Florentero Act Paste. The product registration takes 4 to 6 months after submitting all the required material to MARA and sorting out all the document preparation according to China’s requirements. The number of other pet food brands and manufacturing facilities from Italia is expected to increase in the coming days and enter the China market, which amounts to US$1,282m in 2021. The China market is also expected to grow annually by 1.82% (CAGR 2021-2026) to reach US$1402m in 2021 according to Statista’s China pet food market report for Oct 2021.

France and Germany are the other countries from Europe that recently completed the registration process to enter China market. This year July GACC approved one manufacturing facility from France, La Normandise, and added the number of approved pet food manufacturers from France to reach 6 in total. More brands from Germany are ready to enter China market, several manufacturing facilities from Germany already completed the product registration process to export to China. Bosch Tiernahrung a pet food manufacturing company from Germany already completed products license early this year 2021 for their 4 brands including Sanabelle, Chicopee Classic Nature Lines, Dr. Clauder’s, and Bosch High Premium Concept.

Other countries from Europe approved by GACC to export pet food to China include Spain, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, and Austria.

Barries to the Italian brands and pet products entering China
The majority of pet food brands from Italy and other European countries are not registered in category 3108 in China or are already registered by other companies which can cause a major barrier for the product to enter China. According to Chinese law, only trademarks registered in China are protected by law, thus if the trademark is registered by others, direct sale products in China can cause trademark infringement and cause legal risks which can take one or two years or longer from trademark disputes which can result in companies to put more energy and time to that.

Faraji Maleta is a trade consultant specializing in registration of MARA license and GACC access for Ring One(Beijing) Technology Consulting Ltd, Beijing Branch www.

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