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Silos Spain Raises the Bar with ProMag Coating Across Entire Silo and Water Tank Lineup

Silos Spain Raises the Bar with ProMag Coating Across Entire Silo and Water Tank Lineup

In pursuit of excellence, Silos Spain has embraced innovation by integrating ProMag coating across its entire range of silos and water tanks, delivering unmatched resistance, increased durability, and an ongoing dedication to sustainability.

In our continuous commitment to innovation, we’ve undergone a significant update in our silo and water tank production, by replacing the traditional Z-600 coating on the sheet with the revolutionary ProMag. Previously reserved for roofs and wall rings in select projects demanding exceptional resistance in corrosive environments, ProMag coating is now used on roofs, wall rings, and reinforcements up to 4 mm across all our silos and water tanks.

This advanced alloy of aluminum, magnesium, and zinc not only provides exceptional protection in the harshest environments but also significantly extends the material’s lifespan. The anti-corrosive properties of ProMag are remarkable, surpassing the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel by over 10 times and that of galvanized steel Z-600 (600 g/m2) by more than 5 times, according to ISO 9223.

Beyond its technical properties, the choice of ProMag reinforces our environmental commitment. Utilizing less zinc compared to pure zinc coatings, ProMag is the best alternative, in terms of cost-benefits, to the post-galvanizing process.

Key Advantages of Silos Spain’s ProMag Coating: 

1. Enhanced Anti-Corrosive Protection: ProMag delivers corrosion protection 10 times superior to galvanized steel and 5 times superior to galvanized steel Z-600 (600 g/m2), according to ISO 9223. Moreover, it effectively prevents corrosion on cut edges thanks to its inbuilt self-healing properties.

2. Sleeker Thickness, Greater Durability: Despite its leaner 25-micron thickness, ProMag outperforms the protection and durability of Z600 galvanization with a 42-micron thickness.

3. Safeguarding Stored Product Quality: Increased silo protection translates to superior preservation of stored product quality.

4. Lower Long-Term Costs, Higher Profitability: Choosing silos with ProMag coating ensures a profitable long-term investment, avoiding costly repairs or replacements.

5. Environmental Responsibility: ProMag, with its reduced zinc content compared to pure zinc coatings, positively contributes to environmental conservation.

With the use of the innovative ProMag coating, Silos Spain takes its place at the forefront of the industry, presenting storage solutions that not only guarantee resistance and durability, leading to substantial economic savings but also underscore our commitment to sustainable practices. We’re shaping the future of storage, where technical excellence and environmental consciousness converge, setting a superior standard in quality and efficiency.

-By Silos Spain

Source: Email/GFMM

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