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Rice Storage Silo in Panama

Rice Storage Silo in Panama

We have begun the assembly of a new hopper silo specifically designed for rice storage in Panama.

Hopper Silo Specifications

The silo, with a diameter of 14.51 meters and a height of 10 rings, incorporates advanced features that ensure its durability and functionality. Key specifications include:

* ProMag Coated Sheet Construction: Made from an advanced alloy of aluminum, magnesium, and zinc, this coating ensures the silo’s long lifespan even in harsh, tropical, or saline environments.

* Seismic Reinforcement: This reinforcement ensures that the silo can withstand moderate seismic activity, providing additional safety in earthquake-prone areas.

* Pendulum Maximum Level Detector: This system monitors the maximum rice level in the silo, preventing overloading and optimizing storage space.

* Capacitive Minimum Level Detector: This detector ensures the minimum rice level is maintained, facilitating efficient inventory management.

Accessibility and Safety

The silo structure is designed to offer accessibility and safety for operators:

* External Ladder with Reinforced Handrails: Provides safe and convenient access to the top of the silo.

* Internal Ladder: Allows access to the silo’s interior for inspections and maintenance.

Ventilation and Thermometry

To ensure the quality of the stored rice, the silo is equipped with a ventilation and temperature monitoring system:

* Ventilation Grid: Ensures proper ventilation to maintain optimal conditions for the stored rice in tropical environments.

* Centrifugal Fan: A powerful fan that ensures efficient air circulation inside the silo.

* Temperature Probe Supports: Installed to monitor the silo’s internal temperature, helping to prevent any deterioration of the grain.

-By Silos Spain 

Source: Online/GFMM

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