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“Most Innovative Product” award from Globoil India 2021

“Most Innovative Product” award from Globoil India 2021

Interview with Vice President Sales at Desmet Ballestra India, Mr. Shetty

Following recognition of Desmet Ballestra at the Globoil India 2021 in the category “The Most Innovative Product” of the year, we’ve decided to talk to our Vice President Sales at Desmet Ballestra India, Mr. Srinath Shetty, to get his perspective on this achievement. As a Vice President Sales, what does this award mean to you and the organization? Globoil is one of the biggest platforms for Oils & Fats industry. Desmet Ballestra group has been a dedicated partner of Globoil from the very beginning until its 24th edition in 2021.  Getting nominated and awarded for “Most Innovative Product” category is an excellent achievement, and this accentuates our tagline “Science Behind Technology” and positioning as Most Preferred Partner for Oils and Fats Industry. We are glad to dedicate this award to all our technologists, to all our business partners - customers, our Global R&D team and our dedicated DeSmet Family for their contribution towards the continuous innovation and customisation as per changing market demands. It’s a symbol of our dedicated work and constant improvement in the field of R&D and Innovation. We appreciate the expertise and know-how from our R&D Competence Centre in Belgium as well as our Dedicated Engineering Centre in India. It’s a pleasure to work with such great minds like Dr. Mark Kellens and his excellent team and Mr. Olivier Hanne from our Principals at Brussels office and the Indian Team lead by our CEO Mr. Anurag Bhatnagar. They bring the confidence and technical guidance to our customers in India - it makes a lot of difference in the way of refining vegetable oils. What in particular are you proud of this year? This year has been special for Desmet Ballestra India. This year we have successfully pulled together one of the prestigious and largest projects in Desmet Ballestra’s history. We can’t disclose all the details due to confidentiality agreement, but we are proud of Desmet Ballestra Group and Indian team that worked in close collaboration for months to get this final deal awarded in our favour. This is our one of the best achievements and a milestone for 2021! The project is extremely critical and has a lot of customisations as per customer specific requirements of smooth operation. We are confident of our experienced project execution team for the smooth execution, with the highest standards of Desmet Ballestra quality of services and technical knowledge. What role does Research & Development play in Desmet Ballestra culture? Our business tag line is Science Behind Technology and high standard of research and continues innovation is one of the cornerstones of our company. Starting from dedicated R&D Competence Centre in Belgium to largest Engineering Centre in Bangalore, India, with more than 240 employees under one roof, working for Oil and Fat Industries, Oleochemical and Biodiesel Sectors. Our latest innovations are focused on Nano Neutralisation, Mobuliser Design in Continuous Fractionation technologies, Qualistock (+) design for Continuous Deodorisation and Ice Condensing and many more. We help our customers optimize utility consumption, improve yield and minimize operational expenditures (OPEX) with our engineering know-how. We’re very optimistically looking into 2022 to continue our progress and strengthen our position of market leader in the Oils and Fats industry. -By Desmet Ballestra |Source: Online/KSU

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