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Galaxy texturation technology unlocks new potential in alternative protein universe

Galaxy texturation technology unlocks new potential in alternative protein universe

«Creating a great product requires a 360°view of customer expectations and a deep understanding of how the product is processed,» said Gilles Maller introducing Galaxy Texturization Technology, Clextral’s groundbreaking patented technology for Vegetable Protein Texturization.

At the « Galaxy Première day », in mid-June, held in the R&D Center of Clextral France, we had the honor of demonstrating and sharing this unique technology with a select group of clients, who experienced firsthand the remarkable advancements Galaxy offers.

Redefining alternative protein textures

Galaxy sets a new standard by creating softer, more flexible textures and producing large whole-cut pieces. The products obtained are equivalent to that of meat or fish.

This innovative equipment is a game-changer for the market, delivering unmatched product performance.

Transforming protein texture with innovative technologies

Totally new, this technology combines the principle of a shearcell fibration process and the continuous extrusion process.

The protein material is cooked in the extruder which continuously feeds the dynamic die. The structure and orientation of the fibers are different – in particular, the final structure of the product is due to the shearing and cooling of the dynamic die.

The Galaxy Texturing Technology enables a throughput of up to 400kg per hour.

Exploring the universe of possibilities of extruded alternative protein

Continuous technology developed on the extrusion platforms opens up infinite possibilities for parameterization and modularity (temperatures, cooking, cooling, pressure, shear rate, screw profile and speed, residence time, etc.). Mastering this flexibility is key to product innovation and the creation of new textures.

Pioneering innovation and elevating the standard of alternative protein products

Clextral is the pioneer and expert, since the 80’s, in the texturization and fibration of vegetable proteins by extrusion. With more than 35 years of experience in plant-based proteins, it offers its customers a flexible technology to create ever more realistic and tasty products while maintaining the highest nutritional profile. Its process team has developed proven recipes using soy and peas, and continues to explore the texturization of protein-rich raw materials, including a wide variety of pulses and even insect proteins.

Thus, 50 years after the “big bang” of twin-screw extrusion in the food industry, the “new textural space” opened by Galaxy Technology brings new opportunities for the production and consumption of alternative proteins.

Clextral in short :

328 employees

Headquarters in Firminy France

11 locations : France, USA, Chile, Brazil, Denmark, Russia, China, India, Australia, Vietnam, Algeria

2 R&D center

74 M€ sales – 80% export

-BY Emmanuel Lavocat, Process Engineer - Alternative Proteins Market Manager,, 📞 : (+) 33 4 77 40 24 65, 📱 : (+) 33 6 84 26 42 75

 Source: Email/GFMM

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