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FARM ERP: An Agri-intelligence platform that simplifies your Business/Future-ready agriculture platform

FARM ERP: An Agri-intelligence platform that simplifies your Business/Future-ready agriculture  platform

Both founders, Sanjay and Santosh, come from farming families and have proved that technology can make farming inevitable and profitable, just like any other business.

Established in 2001, FarmERP aims at the technology-intensive transformation of agriculture and agribusiness. The software is an intelligent and next-generation farm management platform in the Agri industry to sync and ready a wide range of entities and stakeholders for the future. By leveraging the power of new-age technologies (AI & IoT) – FarmERP serves agribusinesses with mid- to large-sized farms of between 1,000 and 100,000 hectares. The platform helps businesses form elements of strategies for procurement, processing, supply chain, financial management, and data-driven analytics. From grower reporting and farm mapping to inventory supervision and quality control (cleaning, grading, packing) to food traceability and exports – FarmERP is an end-to-end smart farming and Data-driven Farming solution.

FarmERP was amongst the earliest enterprises in the world to bring software to agriculture. The highly scalable, configurable, and future-ready software platform helps stakeholders practice Digital Agriculture 4.0 to achieve profitable and sustainable agribusiness. The software comprises 23 modules and 600+ screens that service 12+ industry verticals. It services sub-industries in the agriculture sector, such as plantation farming, contract farming, biotechnology companies, research and development organizations, and government institutions. With a strong R&D and professional Agri-ICT expertise of 16+ years gained from hundreds of successful implementations and a strong focus on the future, FarmERP has become a key player in this space through their smart and innovative technology offerings - FarmERP and FarmGYAN.

Some of the unique offerings of the platform include – Climate Smart Advisory using AI, IoT Device integration, QR based access control across business processes. The company aims to help stakeholders in the agriculture industry improve yields, efficiency, and profitability. Driven by the passion to build change – FarmERP focuses on the 3Ps – Productivity, Profitability, and predictability for businesses. The platform revolves around four crucial points: food safety, traceability, sustainability, and climate resilience. These align with two of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals: Zero Hunger & Climate Change. 

The company has to date, served farms in around 30+ countries, deploying its software across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. FarmERP is used across 120 crop varieties over 650,000 hectares of land and is available in multiple international languages. It has helped 1.3 million farmers directly or indirectly and assisted them in accomplishing higher productivity, revenues, viability, and traceability. FarmERP aims to target 2 million acres in the next two years. In December 2019, FarmERP raised an undisclosed amount in Series A from a Singapore-based strategic investor Technogen. FarmERP plans to use this funding to develop AI and ML-powered climate resilience intelligence. 

This technology would help FarmERP to expand into newer regions as climate risks were one of the most common problems faced by stakeholders in Agritech. Being a proud member of GLOBALG.A. P and Sustainable Rice Platform, FarmERP has always strived to raise the bar for food safety and sustainability.

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