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Exports of non-basmati rice declined by 15% due to a 40% loss of paddy in floods

Exports of non-basmati rice declined by 15% due to  a 40% loss of paddy in floods

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40% of paddy has been damaged due to which non-basmati rice export has decreased by 15% and overall rice export has decreased due to existing conditions, Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry Rice Exports advise the government to improve them. who is currently struggling to achieve rice export targets? These things were said in the speech of the chief guest at the third meeting of the FPCCI Rice Export Committee on 12.3.23.

Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) rice export committee convener and former chairman of Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REP) Rafiq Sulaiman said this while pointing out the cause of floods in Sindh.

FPCCI vice presidents Shabbir Mansha, Shaukat Ali Sulaiman, Haji Muhammad Yaqoob, former senior vice president FPCCI Abdul Rahim Janu, REP chairman Chela Ram Kiwalani and prominent exporters of rice were also present in the meeting. Rafiq Sulaiman said that in the 8th month of this year, the export of basmati rice decreased by 25% while the export of non-basmati decreased by 29%.

Pakistani rice is exported to 116 countries around the world, the current situation in which electricity, due to the non-availability of gas, increasing price of petrol exporters are suffering a lot and they are loosening their market, I strongly appeal to the government of Pakistan to pay special attention to the export industry so that Exporters can export more.

Rafiq Sulaiman added that there is a great demand for 386 Pakistani rice in Somalia, soon a trade delegation of rice exporters will also go to Somalia to increase the export of Pakistani rice.

Abdul Rahim Janu said that if the current situation continues, there is a possibility of a huge decrease in exports and there will be a significant decrease in domestic foreign exchange.

He said that after Eid-ul-Fitr, FPCCI, and Rice Exporters Association will organize a biryani festival with mutual cooperation in which ambassadors, commercial attachés, and government officials of all countries will be invited.

To highlight the importance, of this biryani festival, dishes prepared from different types of rice will be made.

Shabir Mansha said that Kazakhstan has emerged as a new market and direct flights are starting here from the month of April.

Due to this the export of Pakistani rice can be increased in this market.

Chela Ram Kevalani said that due to the rise and fall of the dollar, both imports and exports have been badly affected, the government has increased the interest rate and the business community is facing a lot of difficulties.—NNI


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