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Cooking Essential Diamond Crystal Salt is Giving Chefs and Foodies More to Love

Cooking Essential Diamond Crystal Salt is Giving Chefs and Foodies More to Love

Building on its heritage and unique craftsmanship beloved by professional chefs, in restaurants, groceries and home kitchens nationwide, Diamond Crystal Salt Co.® salt brand ™ is debuting a new brand design, sustainable packaging, and expanded salt varieties.

“Diamond Crystal produces the best kosher salt on the market and it’s the only one I use in my home and my kitchens,” said Alex Belew, Executive Chef and Winner of Hell’s Kitchen, Season 21. “Salt is the single most important ingredient when it comes to producing amazing tasting dishes and there’s no room for second best. If so much flavor depends on a single crystal, there’s no other salt to use.”

New Varieties Level Up Flavor in Any Recipe

Diamond Crystal Salt Co.’s salts infuse versatility across meals, usage, and cooking occasions. Crafted in St. Clair, Michigan since 1886, Kosher Salt Flakes, are a favorite among restaurant professionals, home chefs, and epicureans, and are produced without additives. Providing a pure, clean taste, the crystals are coarse enough to pick up and fragile enough to crush between your fingers for precise seasoning control.

Building on its core, Diamond Crystal Salt Co. is introducing new salt varieties to bolster flavor, including:

* Coarse California Sea Salt. Made Naturally with Sun, Wind and Time®. Coarse California Sea Salt comes from the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and is harvested after years of natural evaporation. The process for harvesting the Coarse California Sea Salt today is the same process that has been used for centuries. Always produced without additives, the authentic Coarse California Sea Salt offers a classic taste and texture when freshly ground to season or finish your favorite dishes. 

* Coarse Himalayan Pink Salt. Sourced from the historic Khewra Salt Mine in the Punjab region of Pakistan, this rock salt is produced without additives and contains trace minerals that are the source of its signature color. These delicious pink crystals are the perfect addition to brighten and flavor your next culinary adventure.

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