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Common faults in flour milling machines and their remedies

Common faults in flour milling machines and their remedies

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Just as everything has its positive side, it also has its negative side. Flour milling machines have their advantages and disadvantages or faults as well. By solving those bad aspects or faults, the good aspects of the machine must be activated, or the machine must be used for its own needs. In today's report, we will talk about some common flour milling machine problems and solutions, which will help your flour mill industry produce at the level you expect.

The motor is faulty

Elimination method: One of the main reasons for motor damage of flour processing equipment is caused by high temperature. High temperature may be caused by motor overload, lack of oil in bearings, dirt in bearings, bearing damage, etc.

Clean up screen faults

* Troubleshooting method: There are many reasons for cleaning screen failure. Let's take a look at them respectively.

·        *  Flour processing equipment cleaning sieve vibration or shaking sieve frame. The cause is a loose bolt or wedge.

·         * There are wheat grains in the sand. The reason is that the internal air door of the stone discharge nozzle is small, or the inclination of the screen surface is not appropriate.

·        *  The wheat was broken too much. The reason is that the gap between the tooth plate and the screen is too small, and the screen hole is too large or damaged.

The screw stirrer is faulty

Elimination method:  

·        *  The grain mouth does not row grain. The reason is that the motor of the flour processing equipment turns wrong, the outlet is blocked, and the stirrer blade is broken.  

·        *  The agitator shaft does not rotate. The reason is too much feeding, and transmission belt skid.

The mill is faulty

Elimination method:

·       * The fuselage of flour processing equipment shaking. The coupling bolts between the grinding head and the frame should be tightened.

·       *  The output drops. Tighten the spring to ensure that the gap at both ends of the grinding roller is consistent, and the worn grinding teeth should be repaired.

·       * The flour temperature is high. Should adjust the roller, if the roller wear seriously should be repaired or replaced; when the machine temperature is high, it will stop cooling.

·       *   Not out of the bran. Common reasons are spindle steering is not correct, screen frame sealing is not strict, or screen damage.

·        *  No powder or less powder. The common cause is screen blockage.

The air closers are faulty

Elimination method: bad wind closure, face bag may be sucked up. Common reasons are air leakage at the joints of flour processing equipment and impeller wear, etc. When the impeller is worn, a rubber plate can be installed at the outer edge.

The cloth filter cylinder is faulty

Elimination methods:

·        *  Indoor flying dust. The reasons are that the dust collector of the distribution box is not tight, the cloth tube is not tightly tied, and the air duct leaks.

·       *  There is too much flour in the cloth filter cylinder, due to large air volume, air leakage, or wear at the lower connection of the powder collector, and a large gap between the impeller and the shell.

Troubleshooting methods of electrical appliances

Troubleshooting methods of electrical appliances:

·        * The flour processing equipment unit cannot start. Common reasons are too low voltage, lack of phase distribution wire, line contact is bad, control loop break, fuse, etc.

·        *  The single machine cannot be started. Common reasons are poor contact or wire break of the single control loop, ac contactor coil burned out, etc.

However, depending on the type of milling machine manufactured by different companies, these faults may increase or decrease. World-renowned manufacturers of these machines can often produce machines as per the customer's requirements. In that case, some faults may increase or decrease also.

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