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Combined harvester machines are becoming popular day by day

Combined harvester machines are becoming popular day by day

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Farmers have increased interest in cutting and threshing boro paddy with combined harvester machines. The use of this machine is increasing day by day as it takes less time and cost than harvesting and threshing rice by labor. Farmers can overcome the labor shortage and bring home the crops in less time. Meanwhile, the agriculture department is working to encourage farmers to use modern machinery.

It can be seen from the surface, the farmers have raised golden crops by using modern technology in Boro land in Basail, Sakhipur, Kalihati upazila of Tangail district. The touch of modern machinery is increasing day by day in agriculture. Harvesting is going on through combined harvesters.

According to the sources of the District Agriculture Extension Directorate, the target of boro paddy cultivation in the district in the current season was 1 lakh 76 thousand 200 hectares of land. Cultivated in 1 lakh 76 thousand 320 hectares of land. The target of rice production from here is 11 lakh tons. High-yielding rice seeds and fertilizers have been provided to the small and marginal farmers enrolled under the Incentive Program of the Department of Agriculture to increase Boro paddy cultivation. The field-level agricultural officers are with the farmers round the clock to increase the yield of paddy.

According to the sources of the Agriculture Department, due to the overall cooperation of the Agriculture Department and the tireless efforts of the farmers, the target has been exceeded in paddy cultivation. Due to favorable weather conditions, the current season has yielded better paddy than last season. Due to the proper care of the land, there is no attack of insects and spiders. Farmers are happy as a result. Due to the hot sun, the paddy of the land is already ripening. Farmers are now busy collecting ripe paddy from the field.

Farmer Chanoar Hossain said that the paddy has been very beautiful in the current Boro season. Due to labor shortage and increased wages, I cut paddy with harvester machines. As the worries of getting a harvester machine have been removed, I can cut paddy and bring it home in a quick time. Also the cost is half. Where one bigha of land is cut with laborers, it takes 8 to 10 thousand taka. There it takes 5 to 5 and a half thousand taka to cut paddy with a machine.

Farmer Anwar Mia said we benefit greatly by cutting paddy with machines. If we do not cut paddy with workers, then it takes 8 to 10 thousand taka to cut paddy off one bigha land. The arrival of the machine there has been very beneficial. 5 to 5 and a half thousand rupees have been spent to cut paddy with the machine. I have saved 4 thousand rupees as a result of harvesting paddy by machine. Another farmer, Munu Mia, said that agricultural workers were not available to harvest paddy in the area. The cost of harvesting paddy with them is very high. Our facilities have increased in the use of such machines. On the one hand, it takes less time, and the cost of money is also decreasing.

Dulal Uddin, District Training Officer of Tangail Agricultural Extension Department, said that the smell of ripe rice is now around. The agriculture department has set a target of 7 lakh tons of rice production from the paddy produced in the current season. There is no alternative to mechanization for modern farming. He said that farmers are getting many benefits with the combined harvester machine. As soon as the paddy is harvested, it is threshed and bagged. This saves the cost of harvesting and threshing rice for the farmer. It takes less time to harvest paddy.

Source: Online/GFMM

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