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Classification Of Rice Milling Machines

Classification Of Rice Milling Machines

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1. Separate rice mill

The separate rice mill was developed in the early 1970s, and from the perspective of structure, it involves four parts:

-Feeding part: composed of the silo, feeding bin seat, feeding adjustment plate, etc.;

The white part: is composed of the hood, main box, main shaft bearing, roller, rice knife, rice screen, and pressure door;

 -A part of the rice bran is separated: it is composed of a centrifugal fan, ventilation duct, separation equipment, dust removal equipment, etc.

-Part of the machine foot: It is composed of the upper and lower machine foot, the tightening anchor bolt, the chaff chaser, etc.

The separation type rice mill is characterized by compact structure, easy assembly and actual operation, and relatively low price, but the model is aging, and because the production and processing of rice is directly from the rice mill room for husking and grinding white processing technology, the rice quality precision is weak, the bran is not clean, the broken rice is more, and it has gradually been in the development trend of replacing, the model is suitable for no requirements on the rice quality. A remote or economically underdeveloped area.

2. Rice hulling and grinding machine

Rice hulling and grinding machine is a commodity in the 1980s. Compared with the separation type rice hulling machine, the structure enhances a set of rubber stick husking equipment, implements the process of first husking and then grinding white, and reduces the pressure of the rice rolling room, so the production and processing of rice is good, and the bran is separated clean. However, due to the cumbersome structure, the price is expensive, and the manufacturers are less, the sales volume of the sales market is slightly lower.

3, jet-type rice mill

Air blast rice mill was a commodity in the mid-1980s, this model is divided into two forms single air tube and double air duct, in which the single air tube air blast rice machine is dominated by the production and processing of brown rice, or take the first light grinding and then grinding white processing technology. Rice can be husked and whitened at one time by a double-channel jet rice machine.

The air-type rice mill should be improved under the premise of the separation-type rice mill, and the natural ventilation of the helical gear is not only beneficial to the husking and whitening of the rice in the grinding chamber, but also to the efficient removal of the bran mouth components in the rice, and the processing of the finished rice is white and bright, and the rice temperature is low, which is conducive to the storage of rice, because of the above advantages. In recent years, the mainstream of the sales market has gradually formed.

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