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Cargill ElevateTM Grain Marketing Solutions Empower Farmers to Make Informed Decisions Tailored to Their Farm

Cargill ElevateTM Grain Marketing Solutions Empower Farmers to Make Informed Decisions Tailored to Their Farm

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Cargill is raising the bar in grain marketing, helping farmers unlock enhanced profitability with Cargill ElevateTM – a mix of market insights, pricing solutions, world-class expertise, and access to robust farm management platforms that give farmers the flexibility and control they need to make informed decisions to stay competitive in the marketplace. 

“Our grain representatives actively listen to farmers and understand that no two farmers have the exact same needs. Cargill’s industry-leading portfolio of pricing solutions empowers farmers to take charge and execute their individual grain marketing plans to meet their individual goals,” said Ryan Dwyer, Cargill Elevate program leader.  

The Cargill ElevateTM grain marketing solutions portfolio offers farmers:

Market Insights – Cargill will offer all farmers free access to condensed updates on market developments, cultivated across the company’s view of global supply chains. Subscribers will receive relevant details empowering them to make more informed and savvy business decisions.

Pricing Solutions – Building a grain marketing plan also requires diversification, which is an important strategy for managing risk and getting better returns. Cargill offers a wide variety of contracts tailored to a grower’s desired level of control, cash flow, grain movement needs, and overall risk tolerance. Growers can diversify their grain marketing options to match different market conditions with Cargill’s unique selection of grain contracts including Price Contracts, Insure Contracts, and Enhance Contracts.

Cargill Elevate+ – This enhanced service will offer more in-depth market insights and tailored cash grain recommendations to assist growers in creating more competitive and profitable grain-selling strategies. Cargill Elevate+ customers will also receive access to leading farm management software, BushelFarmTM which provides a ground-level and big-picture view of their farm’s operational and financial performance. Cargill Elevate+ will be available starting in the summer of 2024.

For more information about how to grow with Cargill visit or visit Cargill during the upcoming Commodity Classic event, taking place February 28-March 2 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. Find a representative to learn more about Cargill Elevate grain marketing solutions and other programs for the 2024-25 growing season including Cargill RegenConnect®.

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