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Annual Agricultural Research Review Workshop held

Annual Agricultural Research Review Workshop held

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“Annual Agricultural Research Review Workshop” 2023 organized by the Agricultural Research Wing of BJRI was held at the Conference Hall of Bangladesh Jute Research Institute (BJRI).

Joint Secretary (Research Division) Ministry of Agriculture Rehana Yasmin was present as the chief guest in the workshop. It was chaired by the Director General of BJRI Dr. Mohammad Abdul Awal and the Executive Director of the Agricultural Research Foundation Dr. Nathu Ram Sarkar was present as a special guest. Dr. Nargis Akhtar, Director, Agriculture Wing, BJRI, presented the keynote address.

Speakers at the workshop said there is a need to check whether jute lags behind the production of other crops. Jute should be made more popular by increasing the amount of land under jute production.

The speaker also said, like the whole world, we also need to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers. Since we eat jute leaves directly as vegetables, scientists also need to work on the amount of chemicals that can be used in jute production.

In the speech the president. Md. Abdul Awal said, that in 73 the country has pledged not to use synthetic fabrics. As a result, the demand for jute has increased. Jute production has increased. 7.64 lakh tonnes of jute has been produced.

In the speech of the special guest. Nathu Ram Sarkar said, Bangladesh is second in the world in terms of jute production but we are the first in terms of export and about five lakh people are directly or indirectly involved in jute.

Also present at the event was the Director of Technical Wing, Engineer Md. Moslem Uddin, Director of Jute Textile Wing. Ferdous Ara Dilruba, Director of PTC Wing Dr. Mahmud Al Hossain, Director of Administration and Finance Wing. S. M. Mahbub Ali.

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