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All information including the price of rice should be written in the bag, effective April 14

All information including the price of rice should be written in the bag, effective April 14

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The Ministry of Food has permitted to market of rice by writing the variety of rice, the miller's name and address, weight, and millage price per bag. This decision will be effective on April 14. The circular was issued last Wednesday (February 21, 2024).

It is said that after visiting some districts of the country recently, rice produced from the same type of rice is being sold in the market under different names and prices. Millers, wholesalers, and retailers blame each other when these prices go to unreasonable levels or rise suddenly. Due to this, consumers are facing difficulty in buying paddy and rice and in many cases are suffering financially. To keep the market price of rice at a tolerable and reasonable level, to ensure that rice is marketed in the name of rice, and to facilitate the monitoring of related activities, the Ministry of Food has issued this order.

According to the instructions, rice-producing millers must mention the producing mill name, district and upazila name, date of production, mill gate price, and paddy or rice variety on the bags of rice on the eve of supplying rice from the warehouse for commercial use. In this case, the related information on the sack cannot be written by hand with ink. All the rice sacks or packets (50/25/10/5/2/1 kg etc.) supplied by the mill owner (Auto or Husking) should have the relevant information printed on them. The same guidelines should be followed in the case of corporate bodies as well. In this case, the company can mention the maximum retail price along with the mill gate price.

The Ministry of Food has said that the instructions of this circular must be followed from April 14.

Source: Online/GFMM

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