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A grand-long discussion on the world-famous wheat flour milling machine line

A grand-long discussion on the world-famous wheat flour milling machine line

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Several countries in the developed world have been experienced suppliers of advanced flour machinery since the late 20th century. They have been providing turnkey projects for wheat flour milling machine lines, corn flour mill plant, corn grit line, corn flour mill machine, grain steel silo, and steel structure. They focus on high quality and provide factory prices. Some companies want to avoid agent fees and additional costs. They work in various continents doing installation work, client service, site inspection for flour milling machines, etc. The physical characteristics and hardness of wheat and corn/maize are quite different, requiring different cleaning machines and different sieves and sifters for processing. By contacting established companies, they will offer you professional free design, layout, etc. Here the features of world-famous or widely used types of flour mills will be discussed.

Wheat flour milling machine line

10 Tons/24 Hours Wheat Flour Mill-20 Tons/24 Hours Wheat Flour Mill

10t/24h wheat flour mill and 20t/24h wheat flour milling machine are small-capacity wheat flour plants.

Small capacity but it is fully compatible with wheat cleaning-wheat milling, and wheat packing systems.

It can also produce high-quality wheat flour. For Biscuits, Bread, Cakes, etc.

It is a good choice for beginners/newbies to start a flour mill business.

Warehouse Suggestion: 24m*8m*7.5m(LWH).

A 20ft container is required.

Power: 38kw-75kw.

30 Tons/24 Hours Wheat Flour Mill-40 Tons/24 Hours Wheat Flour Mill

30ton/24h wheat flour milling plant or 40t/24h wheat flour mill machine is also called 30tpd wheat flour mill or 40tpd flour mill machine.

There are different capacity designs according to the client's inquiry, such as 30tpd, 36tpd, 40tpd, and 42tpd wheat flour-making equipment, etc.

It is a popular power in North Africa like Ethiopia, Algeria, Egypt etc.

A complete wheat flour mill line with clean-milling-packing. Also, can work for the purifier system line.

Ultimate-quality flour can be used for pasta, macaroni, bread, biscuits, etc.

Warehouse Suggestion: 30m*8m*7.5m(LWH).

40 feet container * 2 pieces required.

Power: 100kw-120kw

50 Tons/24 Hours Wheat Flour Mill-60 Tons/24 Hours Wheat Flour Mill

50tons/24hr wheat flour mill, 52tpd wheat flour mill and 60tons/24hrs wheat flour mill, 62tpd wheat flour mill line is medium capacity.

A complete wheat flour mill line with clean-milling-packing, including a purifier system and auto-packing system.

Make high-quality wheat flour for macaroni, pasta, bread, cakes, biscuits, etc.

The pre-cleaning section is available for the flour mill line.

Warehouse Suggestion: 36m*8m*7.5m(LWH)

40 feet container * 3 pieces required

Power: 150kw-200kw

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