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March 20 is World Flour Day

March 20 is World Flour Day
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GFMM desk: Products made from flour are daily sustenance for billions of people. In every part of the world, flour is made into delicious foods like bread, rolls, biscuits, cakes and pasta. It is one of the most important staple foods of humankind, and we all take it for granted.

Flour deserves all of our thanks. So there should be one day of the year when from New York to Sydney, from Buenos Aires to Mexico City, from Lisbon to Moscow, we honour flour, along with the farmers and millers, shippers and truckers, processors and bakers. Flour-the white gold of life and March 20-a day to be thankful!

Why March 20?
It’s in the middle of the solstice, which varies between March 19 and 21. In the northern hemisphere spring starts after March 20, and with it the planting season. In the southern hemisphere autumn starts, and with it the harvest season.

So for farmers around the world, the days around March 20 are a special time, one of hope and gratitude.

Meet the FlourWorld Museum
The FlourWorld Museum in Wittenburg near Hamburg, Germany, has set itself the goal of creating a monument to flour in all its globe-spanning significance. After all, some 750 million tons of wheat flour are harvested each year and turned into a wide variety of foods.

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In its 1000 square meters of space, the museum shows a cultural and historical collection of over 3500 flour sacks from 140 countries. “Ötzi,” a reproduction of the 5300-year-old man from the Alps, tells the millennia-old story of flour.

A mysterious room takes the visitor into the world of the gods and rites that ancient civilizations hoped would grant them good harvests. The piece de résistance is a two-thousand-year-old mummy filled with Nile silt and grain – an Egyptian symbol for the germinating force of life.

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