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Know the special rules related to cutting, threshing and storage of paddy

Know the special rules related to cutting, threshing and storage of paddy
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When paddy is harvested at mature stage, a lot of paddy falls off, stalks break, stalks can be attacked by insects and birds. So you have to go to the field and see if the paddy is ripe. If 80% of the paddy is hard and transparent, it should be assumed that the paddy is ripe properly. After harvesting, the paddy should be threshed as soon as possible without leaving it in the field. When threshing paddy on raw manure, mats, sacks or polythene should be spread. When threshing paddy in this way, the color of paddy stays bright and clear. The threshed paddy should be well dried in the sun for at least 4-5 days and then threshed.

Preservation of paddy seeds
Good seeds are needed to get good yield. Therefore, the paddy of the land which has matured well, has not been attacked by diseases and insects and is free from weeds should be sown as seed. This time off-type trees have to be removed before harvesting. Exotic trees are the ones that are slightly different from most of the trees in the land in terms of shape, type of stalk, shape of paddy, color and stem and ripening of paddy. All diseased trees should also be removed. Then the crop should be cut and threshed separately, sifted and dried in the sun and stored. The steps to be taken while storing seed paddy are:

  • It should be well dried in the sun for 5/6 days so that the seed moisture is below 12%. If there is a squeaking sound when the seed is cut with the teeth, then it should be understood that the seed has dried properly.
  • Fertilized paddy can be threshed at least twice with a kula.
  • Seeds should be kept in airtight containers. It is best to use drums and biscuits or kerosene tins to keep the seeds.
  • If you keep the seeds in a clay pot or pot, you have to dry the skin twice with tar.
  • Seeds can also be stored in moisture resistant thick polythene.
  • Sun dried seeds should be cooled and filled in containers. The whole pot should be filled with seeds. If the seed does not fill the pot, spread the paper on the seed and fill the pot with dry sand.
  • The mouth of the pot should be closed well so that no air can enter. Now it should be kept in such a place that the bottom of the pot does not come in contact with the soil.
  • If 3.25 kg of Neem, Nishinda or Bishkatali leaf powder is mixed in each ton of paddy, it is not attacked by insects.

Source: AIS/SZK

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