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Innovation of new variety of blast resistant Paddy

Innovation of new varieties of blast resistant Paddy
Bangladesh Agricultural University, On inset Professor Dr. Lutful Hassan, Vice Chancellor of this University.

SZ Kabir: Bangladesh is playing a leading role in Innovating new varieties of paddy. Recently in the Boro season, high-yielding advanced variety of cultivated paddy has been Innovated by Professor Dr. Lutful Hassan of Genetics and Plant Breeding department at Bangladesh Agricultural University. The new variety of paddy has been named BAU Dhan-3. Researcher Professor Dr. Lutful Hassan is currently the Vice Chancellor of the University.

Dr. Lutful claimed that the Blast and Leaf blight resistant rice variety could be an alternative to the popular BRRI Dhan-28. This variety has recently been registered on the National Seed Board. This variety of rice has all the characteristics of modern high yielding rice. The average yield per hectare of the new variety is 7-8 metric tons, which is 1-2 metric tons more than BRRI Dhan-28. The main feature of the high protein-rich variety is the shape of the grain like BRRI-28. A mature plant is up to 110 cm tall. The average life span of this variety is 140-145 days, which is contemporary to BRRI Dhan-28. The weight of the 1000 nutrients is about 25 grams. Because the stem of the plant is strong, the plant does not fall down. This type of paddy does not fall off easily from ripening in the ripe state, so the wastage is reduced. Dig leaves of the breed are steep, wide and long. The leaves are green. Cooked rice is neat and delicious to eat.

Professor Dr. Lutful Hassan said that now paddy production is being severely damaged due to the intensification of the neck-blast attack. In the meantime, alternative varieties will be needed to keep the paddy production stable in the country. For this purpose, a ‘kowli row’ from the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) was conducted in different places of the country including Bangladesh Agricultural University with association of Advanced Chemical Industries Limited (ACI). Blast and leaf blight resistant and the yield is higher than BRRI Dhan-28, which was released as BAU Dhan-3. Dr. Lutful added that this variety can be cultivated in almost all areas of the country, including the hawar area, except the salt-area where the advance and yield is more than BRRI Dhan-28.

Source: BAU

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