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Farmers shocked by the water crisis

Farmers shocked by the water crisis
Manu River Irrigation canal, Picture: Collected

GFMM desk: The planting of boro paddy is expected to be over by this time. There is also water to be planted in rice. But due to lack of water, many farms have not yet been able to cultivate plow. Grasses have grown on many lands. Due to lack of water, the floor of the fields where rice seedlings have been planted has dried up. Farmers have become unstable for water as the paddy planting time lapses.

This problem has occurred due to lack of branch irrigation canal reforms in several areas of Moulvibazar Sadar upazila of the Manu River Irrigation Project. The branches are filled with grass. The water could not reach the end of the canal. Somewhere in the rat hole, the water flow is being obstructed as water flows out. Somewhere the water is going upwards as the dam is lowered.

Last Tuesday (February 18), some areas of the Sadar Upazila showed that there was sufficient water flow in the main canal of the irrigation project. But at the end of the branch canal in the hatigarh area, the water did not reach about one kilometer from southbali to hatigarh. Grass is grown on the canal. Many land is still vacant in the Hatigarh area. Some of the land is green with grass growing. The ground water planted by the saplings has dried up. Cracks have been created on the floor of the field. On the other hand, the soil on the two sides of the irrigation canal in the Rayashri area has been greatly reduced. In some places, because of the dam, the farmers themselves have raised the height of the dam like al so that the dam cannot be drained.

Talking to local farmers, it is known that farmers rely on water of Manu river irrigation project to grow boro rice in these areas. But for two or three years, the water flow is being obstructed due to lack of reforms. Where the dam is lowered, water flows out of the dam. In some places the rats made holes. Water is flowing through the hole. Again, the canal fills the grass without refining. Without irrigation water, all the branches cannot reach the end of the canal. The crisis has emerged in the Hatigarh area of ​​the Acatuna Union. Many farmers have not yet been able to cultivate their land in irrigated areas. Many fields of those who have farmed are now in crisis. Meanwhile, saplings are expected to be completed by January. But it is not yet possible to do so in a water crisis.

Manu River (Right), File picture

On 11 February, local farmer TM Alamgir Hossain made a petition to the Executive Engineer of the Moulvibazar District Office on the Water Development Board (PUBO), seeking adequate water supply at the right time. Alamgir Hossain said, “As a rule, my paddy planting is expected to end in January. But due to the water, I still cannot plant in many fields. Another week can be planted. There is no gain after that.

Seed farmer Rakib Chowdhury, prescribed by the Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation, said, “Not only in this area, there is no running in many places due to lack of water.” Problems are high at the end of the branch irrigation canal. The canal is full of grass for no improvement. In many places, dams have become equal to land. I have about 30 acres of land. Five to six acres of cultivation is still left in the water crisis. ”

In this regard, Ranvendra Shankar Chakraborty, executive engineer at the PUBO Moulvibazar office said, “There are problems in some places. I have repaired some of the lower dam sites. The project has a 105 km dam. The allocation in the year will be Tk. 50-60 lakh. It is not possible to do everything with such a small allocation. Manu rehabilitation project is being taken. Through this project, everything in the canal, dam will be fixed. ‘

Source: Online/SZK

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