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Story: Consumer Prices in Ramadan: World vs Bangladesh

Consumer Prices in Ramadan: World vs Bangladesh

Ramadan is a holy month of purification for Muslims. The ninth month of the Hijri year calls upon the Muslim community to exercise restraint. The entire Muslim world is busy with worship during the entire month of Ramadan. The purpose is to take this opportunity to get close to Allah by purifying ourselves from sin. People who have been engaged in evil deeds throughout the year get a great opportunity to take themselves to a place of purity through fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.

It can be seen how much reward the businessman Bengali is able to achieve in the holy month of Siam Sadhana. There is a class of people in this country who are always indulging in vices as opposed to virtues. Far from being moderate in Ramadan, on the contrary, it is wandering in dishonest ways. Hat-bazaar, business establishments, and trade fairs are doing reprehensible work. When Ramadan comes, the prices of daily necessities go up and there is unnecessary competition in clothing shops to increase the prices by three to four times. For them, this one time of the year is the best time to make a profit.

For more than three years, the global pandemic of the Coronavirus, the Russia-Ukraine war, and Natural calamities like drought and flood are not less. As people all over the world are going through an economic downturn, our consumer goods traders may want to use Ramadan as an opportunity to overcome their year-long slump. Prices of rice, pulses, sugar, oil, dates, fish, meat, onions, garlic, and spices keep increasing on various pretexts. The festival of cheating buyers can be observed throughout Ramadan.

The holy Ramadan brings the message of mercy, blessings and forgiveness to about 1.8 billion Muslims in different parts of the world. Devoted Muslims are busy in this month of worship in the hope of self-purification and getting close to Allah Almighty. Although Ramadan is a month of sacrifice and self-purification for Muslims, it is seen that the price of almost every product increases in Bangladesh every year during the month of Ramadan. But the opposite picture is seen in different countries of the world including the Middle East. These countries give huge discounts on the occasion of Ramadan from big chain shops to small shops. Competition is going on as to who can offer the highest discount to the buyers. In competition, discount levels sometimes go up to 50 to 70 percent. Basically, sellers give such discounts on everyday items in the hope of reducing the financial burden of the fasting person as well as getting more rewards.

Islam has declared it illegal to hold people as hostages and hoard goods in the hope of more profit. In this context, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.) said, "Whoever stores food for 40 days, he is out of the security provided by Allah. It is also said in the hadith, "Whoever (creates a crisis) stores food grains, he is a criminal." Adulteration. The Holy Prophet (S.) warned the ummah against mixing, and said, "Whoever cheats someone, he is not my ummah." That is, in Islam, increasing the price of goods and mixing adulterated goods is completely immoral and illegal. -Editor


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