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Edible oil has changed day by day

Edible oil has changed day by day
Mustard Oil & Soybean Oil

Do not mix oil or water. But there is no way to mix them without cooking. This Michelle has been around since time immemorial. In the old days, mustard was the main cooking oil. Kalur’s balod (Oil producer from raw mustard) have been released. It is now rare to find that pure bitter liquid broken in the grinder. However, mustard oil did not fall into the category of extinct ingredients. Its use in cooking has been greatly reduced though. The cooks now use mustard oil in the cooking of minor and some hobbies like bhaji, bharta, pickle, chutney etc.

The day changes. People’s behavior, tastes and habits also change. What is modern today, tomorrow is so dirty, old, old-fashioned. Mustard oil has been a lot like that. Not only did it have a share in its monopoly, it can be said that soybean oil has been removed by pushing the mustard oil properly. There are many reasons for not getting mustard oil. Many people have grown in the country. Mustard production has not increased to meet the demand. To fill that gap, soybeans have been introduced little by little since the seventies of the last century. At that time its price was also cheap.

This is also one of the reasons for the rapid popularity of soybeans. However, soybean oil is still half the price of mustard oil in the market. As a result, it is certain that there is no possibility of holding the lost seat of mustard oil.

Rice bran Oil & Sunflower Oil

Will the soybean seat survive in the first place? It’s been a long time. Palm oil was a bit of a threat to soybeans in the middle, but soybeans could not be removed from the top of the edible oil list in the end. Soybean prices sometimes go up. Then many people raised their hands towards the palm oil. Otherwise, as soybean oil became popular as an alternative to mustard oil, palm oil did not become as popular as an alternative to soybean.

Another new edible oil has already appeared in the market. It can be called fancy. Rice bran oil. The husk that has been used as fuel and fodder for so long is being extracted for the sake of technological advancement. That oil has come to the open market in a beautiful bottle. The color is close to mustard oil. Affordable in price. Almost like soybean oil. It’s been a couple of years since this ‘Rice Bran Oil’ came on the market. This oil is being produced in the country in almost a dozen companies. Speaking to vendors, it was learned that about one-third of the edible oil market has been taken over by the new oil. That is why it seems that this time, it seems to be true that the bran oil is going to become a strong competitor of the soybean oil. Even the number one seat in the near future is unlikely to be ruled out.

There are two other types of oil in the edible oil market. But in a limited form. Sunflower oil and olive oil. These two oils come from abroad. Sunflower oil of four to six companies is available in the market. Olive oil is also available in several companies. The price of these two is quite high. Its customers are the health conscious and the able-bodied.

Olive Oil

Bargain price/per liter
Mustard oil- Tk. 200-220. Soybean- Tk. 100-112. Rice bran domestic- Tk. 116-124, Indian- Tk. 240. Sunflower- Tk. 224-242. Olive oil- Tk. 350-700.

We have been eating soybean oil for a long time. Normal heat does not cause much damage. However, when used in frying pans, if the oil is heated for a long time in high heat, the “unsaturated fatty acids” (unsaturated fats) that it contains become “trans fatty acids”. It often causes adverse reactions in the body. ‘Recent studies on rice bran oil have shown that its’ fatty acid compounds’ are very good for the body. Reduces diabetes, high blood pressure, weight gain, harmful cholesterol. Resistant to stomach and colon cancer and heart disease. Increases immunity. However, when preparing the oil, it needs to be refined in a special process, otherwise it will cause damage. Mustard oil is also good if found pure. But the best of all oils is olive oil. One quality of each oil. So if you change it from time to time without any permanent obstruction, it will be beneficial for your health.

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